The Rose Garden

red, white, rosebuds grow satin petals open out blossoms flower bright

Blues Sonnet Notes

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameterStructure: Four triplets and a coupletRhyme Scheme: AAa BBb CCc DDd ee Example: Esbat Sonnet by Jez Farmer My Lady shines between the land and sea,Her lunar light that shimmers on the sea,In her fullness I see my destiny.Her guiding hand to lead the ebb and flow,Her gentle touch that brings natural … Continue reading Blues Sonnet Notes

Ballade Notes

The Ballade as its name suggests is a French form and along with the Rondeau was one of the first forms to be standardised in the 14th century. Written in syllabic prosody of any one-line length, the original French forms were octosyllabic, but now decasyllable is more common, and iambic tetrameter etc; are just as … Continue reading Ballade Notes

Night Thoughts

My princess, my own beautiful princess Tonight I feel you so much as my hunger and desire for you surge through my body and I can’t call it being in love as that is to put a limit on my feelings

Blank Verse Notes

Strictly speaking, Blank Verse is a poem written in lines of iambic pentameter, however many poets relax this to decasyllabic lines, and why not, indeed. Blank verse poems can be in one stanza or broken into various stanzas of the line length the poet wishes. There is no rhyme scheme. Example: Riverside by Terry Clitheroe … Continue reading Blank Verse Notes


lucid beauty growsin clusters of light pin pricksbut still the stars die © JG Farmer 2019


I saw you smile that day you first hit me Your eyes that filled with hate against the vow We made in sacred faith; the promise gone

The Edge of Twilight 17- New Beginnings

A few months later Chepi and Bel sat outside their new home watching the young cubs play and enjoying a warm early autumn afternoon. What with building a new den and keeping on top of the cubs, Si and his goons seemed like a distant nightmare.

Sonnet of Pan

He plays his flute where forest and glade meet Songs of love and they come on dancing feet From the rivers and from the distant seas

William Cullen Bryant

Poet: William Cullen Bryant Date of Birth: 3 November 1794, Massachusetts, USA American Date of Death: 12 June 1878, New York, USA

Blank Verse Sonnet Notes

Blank Verse Sonnet NotesMeter: Decasyllabic or PentameterStructure: QuatorzainRhyme Scheme: None specified Example: Sleepless Night by Jez Farmer The night is waiting in silver moonlight,For lips to meet and share a lover's kiss,Between the hushened pleas and wanting sighs,As parting clouds reveal the moon is full,The night of sleepless dreaming has begun.The quiet stillness found in … Continue reading Blank Verse Sonnet Notes


As twilight shadows dissolve in the sand And echoes of day drift out to the sea Your lips flutter on the palm of my hand

The Fence

A fence runs down the garden keeping friends as strangers but I see him standing there

The Divine Polarity

The sun and the moon are two basic and deeply spiritual phenomena in nature and symbolize the polarity of the male and female, god and goddess, energies.