Zadok the Priest Title: Zadok the Priest Date: 1727 Composer: Georg Frideric Handel Movement: Baroque German 1685 - 1759


Death of Love

Once more ice dances amid the flames its coldness the only retreat from the burning passion that sears desire in confusion heart and mind out of line as fiery heat melt a heart of ice and the passion dies © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse


My senses are aware of everything. The coolness of the air from the open window, the involuntary shiver on your lip as we kiss and I see that erotic glimmer in your eyes before your lashes close. That glimmer that drives me to the brink of sanity night after night as it pulls my desire … Continue reading Abandonment

Friday Fix

The sunset is fading into the darkness of night. The streets are silent as the clubbers are clubbing and the stay-at-homes are sat in front of the latest instalment of some reality show. It is Friday night and for the first time since the previous week he feels the need to go out. With the … Continue reading Friday Fix

Watching the Sea

While sitting on the shore I watched the sea, My heart was seeking the answers of life, I saw the waves, cascading white horses Released to run towards the pebbled shore Each pushing further in towards the land And washing sun-baked stones until they shone. While sitting on the shore I watched the sea, My … Continue reading Watching the Sea

Mister, Please

I know for many trans people being misgendered is a common and daily occurrence. I have been relatively lucky then, in that it is a rare thing for me to be misgendered and addressed as a woman. To be honest I was more likely to be misgendered before I started transition as I looked like … Continue reading Mister, Please

The Bird Flies

  We stand in line, waiting our turn as one By one we reach the ticket office door And the rain pours down where there once was sun The brollies open like never before For the show will go on no matter what They all want to see a diva perform For the last time … Continue reading The Bird Flies

Dychwelyd y Gwanwyn

The winter’s reign is receding Just remnants in spring’s succession Seasons turning and mischief misleading The merriment in perennial progression Pastel blushes as trees are blossoming Behold the beauty, sweet and sensual Senses echo with passions promising Spiritual pairing within a Pagan’s Pentacle   © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Droighneach

Voices of the Dead

I hear the voices of the dead tonight, The wiser words that echoed long before, Lost spirits dancing in the candlelight, Revealing the ways of the ancient lore. A hushed wind whispers through the fallen leaves I feel the chilling tears of Autumn’s rain, The old year passes as the new receives The blessings from … Continue reading Voices of the Dead

Fishing with Sam

From behind a dark cloud the moon glimpses a bright spark to light the night while the bats fly out to feed rising and falling across the path and I look out into the intimacy of the sweet darkness catching your shadow playing guitar by the fire your voice singing that song breaking the silence … Continue reading Fishing with Sam

Sleepless in Love

  Again I’m here and you are there And without you I lay awake At night distance too much to bear As all my senses dare to ache For you and the sweet love we make A moonless sky holds no solace To closed eyes as my thoughts retrace Your lips as when they first … Continue reading Sleepless in Love

Echo Sonnet

Created by: Jeff Green Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet Rhyme Scheme: a1bba2 acca2 adda2 a1a2 Example: Lebensraum by Jez Farmer To find the place where gods reside; just look Into a candle’s solitary flame And listen for their voice to call your name Within the self, and there you’ll find … Continue reading Echo Sonnet

Tutelary Goddess

She calls from waters of rivers and seas, To Britons of the future, now and past, She is the whisper on an English breeze, She is the knowledge our freedom will last. From the valleys of Wales she filled with song, To purple heather of bonnie Scotland The call of our nations forever strong, Through … Continue reading Tutelary Goddess

In the Beginning

Realms of fantasy lay hidden in the depths of imagination while the turbulence of reality buries them deeper the writer must dig them out word by word never in order but a jumbled mass of verbal imaginings tangled by life like wool that met the playful kitten and the mess must be sorted each word … Continue reading In the Beginning

Wild Surrender

She is the flame that dances on my skin A searing torment igniting my lust As kissing silences, the words within Her desire draws out my instinctive need Acquiesced want given to her in trust Her fiery heat to which I must concede My love she’s taking me beyond my fear In a rush of … Continue reading Wild Surrender

The Value of Words

As love becomes an empty place And only tears can kiss the face For she is gone without a trace Loneliness has no secret touch To ease the heart that loved too much No threads of hope for hands to clutch A poet then is left with nix But words that write but never fix … Continue reading The Value of Words

Gill Nets

Old wooden boats are waiting by the sea The tide is out they have no place to go In stillness, they wait for the ebb and flow The turning of the tide will set them free All nets are ready for the casting out As waves come closer to their aging bows All ready to … Continue reading Gill Nets

Not Yet

Secrets and shadows, wine and rain Just questions spinning round Inside my head there is no peace The answers lost not found Where are the things to end my pain In confusion, I’m bound By fears that never seem to cease I look beneath the ground And now I pause to take no breath Alone … Continue reading Not Yet


Maiden I see through eyes of youth, And watch you grow in lunar dreams, I see you dance in winds of truth And waxing beams. The Mother heard my childish screams, Her silver smile to guide my way, Within the fields and flowing streams Reflect her ray. Then Crone of Wise I hear you say, … Continue reading Triquerta

Another World

You ask me what I want and I will tell you of my desire no lingering kisses in a darkened room nor the gentle words of a candlelit romance I don’t want sex on the beach nor making out in front of late night TV I just want to talk Talk to me baby take … Continue reading Another World

Morning Goodbye

Waking up with you but my heart didn’t want to wake up yet I didn’t want to say goodbye yet to hold on to the wonder of lustful love a little longer as I feel you soft sleeping breath draw over my chest a brief moment before your eyes open to kiss me goodbye leaving … Continue reading Morning Goodbye


As I dream of my death I see beauty on the other side of this nothing the meaningless nothing that is living and as I dream I hear sweet music calling me to feel the rhythm the rhythm of dance that was mine and I taste the bittersweet of love that was mine and is … Continue reading Dreaming

Triad to Love

Three things I give to show thee love Declared to thee by moon above: The first gift is my heart unbound The second my pride laid on the ground So the third, my humility can be found; All these things I give thee in love   ©JG Farmer 2013 Form: Triad