Dr Pepper by Eduardo Paolozzi

Dr. Pepper by Eduardo Paolozzi Dr Pepper1948Pop ArtCollageCollection of the Tate, UK Created as part of Paolozzi’s ‘Bunk’ series, ‘Dr. Pepper’ was inspired by Surrealist and Dadaist collage works by artists such as Max Ernst and Hannah Hoch. Paolozzi assembled the montage of blossoming American consumerism using colourful images cut out from American magazines. He … Continue reading Dr Pepper by Eduardo Paolozzi

I Don’t Remember Me by Brothers Osbourne

https://youtu.be/6qiACOYSDhk I Don't Remember MeAlbum: Port Saint JoeDate: 2018Genre: Country Brothers Osbourne Brothers Osbourne is a country music duo consisting of brothers T.J. Osbourne (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and John Osborne (lead guitar, background vocals). The duo signed a contract with EMI in 2012 and began releasing music the following year. A series of hits … Continue reading I Don’t Remember Me by Brothers Osbourne

La Donna é Mobile by Plácido Domingo

https://youtu.be/a5lOCjQkM7c La Donna é Mobile1977Opera Plácido Domingo Plácido DomingoOperaBorn: 21 January 1941, Madrid, SpainNationality: Spanish Placido Domingo is an opera singer, conductor, and arts administrator. He is well known for his versatility, performing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and Russian in many of the most prestigious opera houses in the world. Domingo is primarily … Continue reading La Donna é Mobile by Plácido Domingo

Witchcraft 101 – How Much Stuff Do You Really Need? — GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

Originally posted on This Crooked Crown: If you’ve picked up a beginner’s witchcraft book, especially an older book, you’ll often find these long lists of items for you to acquire as you start your magical or pagan practice. But how much of it all do you really need? First, let’s cover the basics – You…Witchcraft 101 … Continue reading Witchcraft 101 – How Much Stuff Do You Really Need? — GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast

All Souls’ Night by Loreena McKennitt

https://youtu.be/RooTTuLCfNM All Souls' Night1991New Age Loreena McKennitt Loreena McKennittNew AgeBorn: 17 February 1957, Manitoba, CanadaNationality: Canadian McKennitt is a singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist best known for Celtic and Middle Eastern-influenced world music. She is also known for her refined soprano vocals. McKennitt has sold over 14 million albums worldwide

White Doors by Vilhelm Hammershøi

White Doors by Vilhelm Hammershøi White Doors1905SymbolismOil on canvasThe David Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark At a glance ‘White Doors’ appears to have no subject matter, however, this non-existent theme contradicts its daring and complex narrative. Hammershøi’s sense of composition positions the viewer in the back-left corner of an empty room permitting glimpses into the rooms that … Continue reading White Doors by Vilhelm Hammershøi

Villa Elisi by Antonio Sant’Elia

Villa Elisi by Antonio Sant'Elia Villa Elisi1912ArchitectureSan Maurizio, Italy Designed and built as a Holiday home for the industrialist Romeo Longatti, Villa Elisi was the only building designed by Sant’Elia to be completed in his lifetime. Whist small in size the villa features the asymmetrical, geometric designs seen in much of Sant’Elia’s work, including the … Continue reading Villa Elisi by Antonio Sant’Elia

Cantique de Noël by Plácido Domingo

https://youtu.be/V7uiqRCW6I8 Cantique de Noël1999Classical Plácido Domingo Plácido DomingoOperaBorn: 21 January 1941, Madrid, SpainNationality: Spanish Placido Domingo is an opera singer, conductor, and arts administrator. He is well known for his versatility, performing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and Russian in many of the most prestigious opera houses in the world. Domingo is primarily a … Continue reading Cantique de Noël by Plácido Domingo

Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Fauré

https://youtu.be/FzNuJu5ONEM Cantique de Jean Racine1866Choral Gabriel Fauré Gabriel FauréClassicalBorn: 12 May 1845, Pamiers, FranceNationality: FrenchDied: 4 November 1924, Paris, France Fauré was a composer, pianist, organist, and teacher. He was one of the foremost French composers of his generation with works such as Pavane, Requiem, and Sicilienne. Generally, his best-known works are from his early … Continue reading Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Fauré

Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud

Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud Cakes1963PhotorealismOil on canvasThe National Gallery of Art, Washington DC Sitting on cake stands as if on display in a baker’s shop ‘Cakes’ depicts an orderly arranged selection of patisserie. The gridded composition with overlapping cakes and shadows feels tight and static., yet the thinness of the cake stands seems less than … Continue reading Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud

Káťa Kabanová by Leoš Janáček

https://youtu.be/oFw2P-P9IFs Káťa Kabanová1921Opera Leoš JanáčekFolk, OperaBorn: 3 July 1854, Hukvsldy, CzechiaNationality: CzechDied: 12 August 1928, Ostrava, Czechia Leoš Janáček Janáček was a composer, folklorist, musical theorist, teacher, and publicist, inspired by Moravian and other Slavic music to create a modern musical style. He devoted himself to folkloristic research until 1895. Janáček’s early musical works were … Continue reading Káťa Kabanová by Leoš Janáček

Radar Love by Golden Earring

https://youtu.be/ckM51xoTC2U Radar LoveAlbum: MoontanDate: 1973Genre: Rock Golden Earring The Dutch rock band Golden Earring, originally The Golden Earrings, was founded in 1961 in The Hague. They achieved global fame with international hits such as ‘Radar Love’ (1973), ‘Twilight Zone’ (1982), and ‘When the Lady Smiles’ (1984). Following a number of line-up changes before 1970 when … Continue reading Radar Love by Golden Earring

Spenserian Sonnet Notes

Named for Edmund SpenserStructure: Three quatrains and a coupletMeter: Pentameter or DecasyllabicRhyme Scheme: abab bcbc cdcd ee Example Cherry Blossom by Jez Farmer I see your face before my waiting eyesHow does my pen such beauty thus convey?The cherry blossom floating in blue skiesOutdone, as smiles upon your lips now playThe summer sun is not … Continue reading Spenserian Sonnet Notes

Bakery Case by Wayne Thiebaud

Bakery Case by Wayne Thiebaud Bakery Case1996PhotorealismOil on canvasThiebaud Family Collection A simply designed display case sparsely populated with cakes and pastries contrasts dramatically with the ornately decorated wedding cake sitting on top of the case. Similar to ‘Cakes’ (1963) Thiebaud’s addition of a display case gives compositional depth and put the sweet delicacies out … Continue reading Bakery Case by Wayne Thiebaud


Form: Haiku tears of rain falling the golden heads are bowed now daffodils cry too Author’s Note: Jezzie and Lilydog miss you so very much, Daddy xxx ©JezzieGFarmer2022

Release This Pain

A Garret Poet

Release This Pain
Form: Spanish Septet

I want
I need
to feed
I can't
my want.

The doubts are strong
and reasons deep
as eyes still weep
to fears I'm wrong
I beg again
release this pain
let me belong.

I hear them start to speak
Their voices hard and curt
The harshest words that hurt
And leave my soul so weak
My need, they call it lust
No choice, it is a must
For it is love I seek

But I am cursed to live in sin
as they declared the way I'm made
so I am shunned, they say depraved
When I turn to see your girlish grin
yet I still stand with pride and smile
that pain is gone, it was worthwhile
And I know that my heart shall win


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Sonoran Spotted Whiptail — It’s a Female (They All Are) — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. I mentioned in a recent previous post that the lizard population in our Tucson backyard is slowly reviving after having been devastated, apparently, by drought. It’s a source of amusement and interest for me to watch these […]Sonoran … Continue reading Sonoran Spotted Whiptail — It’s a Female (They All Are) — Sonoran Images

Bad love…

Wow, John, this has to be one of your best. A real gem of a read with my cup of tea, thank you


Bad love

I felt the darkness of the night overtaking the lights of the day. Stealing away the gentleness that is left in me. The once sweet memories had turn to a cancer. Eating away at my heart and mind. Leaving a soul-less man till nothing matters anymore.

I poured the tequila into my coffee cup, cut the lemons into pieces and pray for the night to be kind to me. I drank the tequila and allowed the lemon to quiet the burn. I hope the tequila can quiet the memories of your beautiful face. I may even smiled and laughed, but I’m dead. You can’t raise the dead. In the real life. Death of heart and need is the real peace for a man who wanted everything and nothing.

Sometime women faces danced in my head. Can’t remember their names but their lips and touch are permanent tattoos on…

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Spanish Guitars

A Garret Poet

Spanish Guitars
Form: Spanish Sestet

I pray we walk in lunar light,
Beneath the gathering of stars,
To music from Spanish guitars,
So that our senses can invite
Desires of love between us two,
In cool night air just me and you,

A place for silent secret things,
For thoughts inside a loving heart,
The thoughts that dwell where we must start
In silver light that moon shine brings
We'll talk and walk before we kiss
Then slip away into love's bliss.


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Crested Caracaras — Scavenging — Sonoran Images

You may enlarge any image in this blog by clicking on it. Click again for a detailed view. Perhaps I should have entitled this week’s posts, “Opportunists’ Week.” Since last weekend, my posts have included images of Crested Caracaras, a Coyote, a Greater Roadrunner, and a Common Raven. All of these species are opportunistic hunters […]Crested … Continue reading Crested Caracaras — Scavenging — Sonoran Images

The Ultradian Trip

A Garret Poet

The Ultradian Trip
Form: Spanish Sestet

In non-stop circles my mind turns,
From highs to lows my brain, it burns,
I'm torn in half between the two,
A speeding car, out of control,
My aching head must take the toll,
There's nothing left for me to do.

I cannot see what lies ahead,
I cannot hear the words she said,
As darkness comes to take me back
To hidden pain of crying fears
My heart is lost in weeping tears
Yet still I fight to stay on track.

This pain inside I need to hide,
It's buried deep where none confide
And now I feel that all is lost,
I've lost my grasp, I’ve lost my grip
On this the ultradian trip,
And I alone must pay the cost.


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K.L.Caley’s #WRITEPHOTO – Open

Shared my cuppa and a scone with the lovely Willow and her awesome pen today


For visually challenged writersthe image shows an entranceway in amongst some stone walls to a bright green garden.

Open – Image by KL Caley.

Morgarna has a lot to sort out in this episode let’s hope she does it to everyone’s satisfaction.


Once inside Morgarna switched on her torch looking around she saw no outward signs of a hidden door in the wall or floor so she moved methodically along the walls tapping them finally she heard the hollow sound she was searching. Shining her torch on the panel she fiddled with it until finally she got it to open. Stepping through the door she could feel the cold draft, thankful that her torch was the windup type, that could be used in any timeline or situation, and did not depend on batteries or flame. She shut the panel behind her and followed the tunnel up…

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Bloody Bipolar

A Garret Poet

Bloody Bipolar
Form: Spanish Sestet

Upon the ground my broken dreams
Are scattered like shards of glass;
As dull as old unpolished brass.
The tears that flow in watered streams
As thoughts of joy now sail away
To where my mental demons play.

I hear the birds that sing outside,
I watch them fly across the blue,
Then turn around away from you,
Inside my mind it's time to hide,
Forget the dreams of running free
I'm losing touch with sanity.

From birth to death my mind breaks down
No ready cure or easy fix
Constantly thoughts twist in helix
To drag me down to where I drown
Alone, in pools of crying tears
Beneath the sound of silent fears


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