The Mystery

I look in her eyes and feel the fires burn Such passion is not a fleeting sojourn I feel her heart beat tugging upon mine As in her kiss I taste the sweetest wine My tongue longs to linger upon her lip While gently teasing as her senses slip Before the lingual dance in rhythmic … Continue reading The Mystery


As the winter skies darken And black storms howl the arcane Heed red clouds and harken The Sun King greets us again Dark nights intimidating A world of change awaiting Turn of seasons predating Winter’s winds breath abaiting On Solstice night he’s reborn Decked in green and holly thorn The festive colours adorn Fireside merriment … Continue reading Nadolig

The End

This sense of fear that grows as twilight fades And reapers of souls descend on the Earth, To feed on destruction in chaos’ birth, Dear angels of truth tremble in the shades. The eyes of Man see nothing but old mud, Where the beauty of nature once stood proud, There is no movement, not even … Continue reading The End

Lost Tears

Those words of denial hurt me a shattered heart refusing to love or be loved for love meant pain without mercy never-ending unrelenting unkind unkind words unable to see they left me blind outside of darkness I didn’t exist as words pierced my soul until all I crave is silence serenity tranquility to dry the … Continue reading Lost Tears

English Sonnet

Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef gg Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet Example: The Black Hound of Destiny by Jez Farmer As darkness takes our souls to hell what has become of pleasant dreams when death has tolled its final bell no one remains to hear the screams. Gwyllgi calls, the … Continue reading English Sonnet

The Magic

Only lovers share the true secrets of love that touch the soul The mystery hidden betwixt stars and moon And none may know why the simple kisses make two lovers whole Yet witness the magic of the sacred rune A silent whisper that called two hearts to always beat as one In the knowledge that … Continue reading The Magic

Atramentous Wings

Dormant, he sleeps within my heart his tranquillity is my darkness and he rests silently with one eye open he waits for love’s tender kiss to awaken his veracity and strength for love is his inky black quills of flight © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse

The Choice

My Lady taught me well beneath the sky That mine is not to fear eternal flame For fear won’t lead me to her realm’s divine. To fear her words and never ask her why Condemns my soul with no one else to blame As choices made, they must truly be mine. Yet if I hunger … Continue reading The Choice

The Metrical Feet of English Poetry

Foot Scansion Sound Example Iamb -/ De-dum Detain, betray, entwine Trochee /- Dum-de Raven, pathway, garden Spondee // Dum-dum Stand up! Sit down! Go back! Anapaest --/ De-de-dum Understand, contradict, Japanese Dactyl /-- Dum-de-de Signature, fantasy, elephant

On Velvet Wings

I followed her flutter on velvet wings Entrapped by beauty in a floral dream Her flight to destiny made in sweet grace While my clumsy legs stumble in the chase With ease, she traversed the babbling stream And I am left behind to think on things But does it matter on this grassy verge Where … Continue reading On Velvet Wings

Purest Truth

In silence. none can hear unspoken dreams Yet silence still speaks louder than any screams A man alone can only see his fear He feels it drawing him in somewhere near The chosen path is known by few who care To walk alone a man must take the dare In darkness, purest truth is seen … Continue reading Purest Truth


Smooth whiteness of linen stirs to the rhythm of love entwined in a sensual dance primal instincts outside of time tenderness touches a smile fingertips drawing each other in feeding hunger, creating desire soft kisses inviting intensity gently arousing the vibrant war between passion and desire and linen curves to their embrace crushed beneath their … Continue reading Lamina

The Operation

Taken from my incoherent rambling of a diary for Monday 28 September 2015 To be honest I don’t remember that much. It was still dark when my friend and I left for the hospital and the roads were peaceful. Just as well as we were both tired from the previous night.   On arrival I … Continue reading The Operation

Love Grown Up

Such folly is the love I felt before A foolish boy obsessed by passion’s lust How easy those words slipped from the tongue then In truth a man’s hunger is so much more Yet only given with respect and trust Those words of love don’t fall so easy now I beg forgive me for mistakes … Continue reading Love Grown Up


A habit becomes need The fun that was has gone A fix now feeds their greed The addict is alone A drug echoes the fear When need cries out no more Reality draws near And pain shakes on the floor The fun carried a cost A buzz, a high, what price? Now all is gone … Continue reading Addiction

Apollyon Avenue

The rivers are dry without rain No water to ease thirsty pain Dry sandy beds echo the past There’s nothing left, it went so fast When we put desire before need Sating only the human greed Ignoring the warnings made clear Heeding nowt refusing to hear So, blind we believed all was well Indeed, this … Continue reading Apollyon Avenue

50 and Not Out

At the age of 25 I honestly did not think I would make another 25 years to the age of 50. Just the idea of living another lifetime as a stranger in my own body was unbearable. Last week I turned 50 and proved myself wrong. Many people dread the half century but it wasn’t … Continue reading 50 and Not Out


fixed azure gaze beckons the enslaved yet behind blue love purrs   JG Farmer 2017

Sweet Vengeance

To love, to die again on passion's blade, This heart's desire defies all common sense A twisted knife to tear the guts away When all is lost; one word will yet invade, Demanding nought but her in dark pretence In whispered words I want to hear her say. Promises nothing more than sweet goodnight, Through … Continue reading Sweet Vengeance


Summer’s End turns November And autumn turns to winter While the sprits remember As in the fires logs splinter The veil no more intervenes Between the dead and living And the circle reconvenes Then and now in thanksgiving In dance and song celebrate Beginning the year anew Divining runes calculate And to days past bid … Continue reading Tachwedd


Sweet love is like the ocean’s surging tide, And, alas, not always the smoothest ride, But where the land shall meet the turbid sea Is where I lay my heart in foolish pride. In love there is no place I’d rather be, For passion thrives in wanton liberty It cannot grow when tied to safer … Continue reading Surfing

Turn Of The Head

With a turn of the head a bereavement as emotions erupt into intense sorrow alone in an instant unlike this poem grief is not brief when nothing can console the tears © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse