There Is Pleasure In the Pathless Woods by George Gordon Byron

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more, From these our interviews, in which I steal From all I may be, or have … Continue reading There Is Pleasure In the Pathless Woods by George Gordon Byron


Love Is…

  Prompt: First Love Songs I think I pretty much covered that in a previous post. Instead, I am going to list some love songs that I love. The first song is ‘Will You? by Hazel O’Connor from an iconic movie in my teens, Breaking Glass. I still spill my tea if the love nerves … Continue reading Love Is…

A Good Day

It felt odd pulling her robe over my body, like a dim and distant memory that was better forgotten. Had it really been so long? Once it had been easy to slip between the two, now it all felt so wrong, but needs must. I hadn’t planned on staying the night with Lydia, just a … Continue reading A Good Day

Risks and Chances

The testing steps tread gently forward on The tenuous way where none have ever gone To life’s adventure on the other side The senses feeling without leaving prints Surfaces tensions where life and death collide And below a trout is waiting for prey Hidden in stillness and water-logged weed His eyes watching for one movement … Continue reading Risks and Chances

The Deterrent

Every day, twice a day, I would ride past the Nightstone Work Camp. Every day, twice a day, I would be haunted by the gaunt staring faces of young men and women, old age didn’t happen in the camps. Visceral faces desperately waiting to die. Survival was pointless they would never get out. This was … Continue reading The Deterrent

Wind by Ted Hughes

This house has been far out at sea all night, The woods crashing through darkness, the booming hills, Winds stampeding the fields under the window Floundering black astride and blinding wet Till day rose; then under an orange sky The hills had new places, and wind wielded Blade-light, luminous black and emerald, Flexing like the … Continue reading Wind by Ted Hughes


In darksome thoughts of fear, I heard him scream Echoes of truth my mind recalled his dream I felt his hurt and understood his pain In unkind words he left alone, denied While too afraid to face this fear again I heard him scream alone into the night A soulful cry as he pleaded to … Continue reading Oxygen


I awoke sprawled across some bushes. All I could feel was a deep throbbing pain in my left leg. The springy twigs held on to me like vines and I gave up trying to sit up. Instead, I rolled and landed on the cold muddy ground. As I opened his eyes all I could see … Continue reading Alone


Texte: Still asleep under the warm covers – Every Day by Thomas A Clark Her gentle breathing joined the fading sun and flustered eyelids tell a dream’s begun Encased beneath the rippled flowing quilt The night’s destiny revealed within sleep In subconscious realms the future is built And as she sleeps beside my watching eyes … Continue reading Nightwatch


The ache within my heart as truth revealed The pain of love, of lies, left unconcealed I let you hurt me all over again And in fake kisses, my heart was abused In promises of nothing more than this pain Accepting all was never enough for you My tears the only thing that saw your … Continue reading Closure

Soul’s Desire

A question of love that was never asked Between friends with hearts hidden yet unmasked Between two friends did fate and love conspire In sweet romance amid the wine and chat In hushed conversation where souls inspire The heart to confess that one deepest thought Of love beyond candlelight and roses Of love that can … Continue reading Soul’s Desire

Passing Night

As I awake, I bless the passing night That set my spirit free from worldly fight So sweet is this solace found in the dark As endless changes toll a lonely bell Before another day can make its mark Eternal dreams that lie in front of me Welcoming me as a prodigal son As in … Continue reading Passing Night

Jeff and Mike

Prompt: Songs that stick in your head Most songs that stick in my head are not welcome there. They are the annoying bullshit advertising ditties played on the radio. I am not going to irritate myself by looking them up on Youtube, but undoubtedly some complete twank has put them up there because quite frankly … Continue reading Jeff and Mike


What do you see when sat staring at me? Am I not what you expected to see? As I see you stare with questioning eyes I wonder what lies behind the cold stare; The wisdom concealed in the endless whys And static tension grows in-between Two rigid bodies concealing a thought As air becomes a … Continue reading Two

In the Beginning

I was just a teenager of 17 back then. My misspent youth was at its height. Alcohol and women were my favourite past times. Not that I had much luck with women, not until I met her. With Denise, I hit the jackpot. At first, we would just share drinks at the various bars along … Continue reading In the Beginning

A Song Without Words

Title: A Song Without Words Date: 1919 Movement: Neoclassicism Artist: John William Godward English 1861 – 1922 John William Godward Godward was an English painter from the end of the Neoclassic era. He studied under Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, but the style of painting fell out of fashion giving way to Modern Art. Godward committed suicide … Continue reading A Song Without Words

Rose of Humanity

Selfishness is the bondage of the heart It holds us firmly where all sorrows start Like a frost-bitten bud the sun ne’er kissed The joy of life fades like a dying rose Each frozen petal that cannot exist Are dreams denied by just one selfish thought The missed opportunities to be kind Another soul lost … Continue reading Rose of Humanity

Choi’s Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet Rhyme Scheme: abab bbcc cdcd dd Example: Heat of the Moment by Jez Farmer I need to take you in my arms tonight, To hold you close and taste your lips on mine, And feel your sighs entwine with my delight, As passion wraps us … Continue reading Choi’s Sonnet

The Naked Rose

My rose alone amid the sharpened thorns Her beauty diverse to a world that scorns Echoes of innocence, a time long gone She captures my dreams that nobody knows Passion echoed from a time we were one And in her beauty, I am surely lost To the dance of a gentle summer breeze As we … Continue reading The Naked Rose

Rainbow Kisses

I want to savour the moment the moment of divine delicious deviant decadence when I know you are mine I want to caress your curves slowly just taking my time tormenting your senses with promises waiting to come and I can watch you taking the tease torn between pleasure and pain I want to kiss … Continue reading Rainbow Kisses

Gloria’s Gift

In the rambling and over-grown garden stood a summer house. Its windows had been boarded up for years, maybe decades. It had, like everything else in the garden been long abandoned. The big house at the end of the garden, well he still lived there. Professor Trebeck was an old man now, and even more … Continue reading Gloria’s Gift