12-Step Sonnet 1

Created by: Larry Eberhart
Structure: Three quatrains and a couplet in tetramter.
The internal rhyme has the first syllable rhyming with the 2nd syllable in line 2, the 3rd syllable in line 3 with the 4th syllable in line 4.
Rhyme Scheme: abab cdcd efef gg
Example: Wild Roses by Jez Farmer

Why do I love you so much tonight
I sigh, I cannot answer that
My love lives beyond the sunlight
As my heart gives more than just chat
‘Tis more than wild roses of June
Yet is all that I can give you
And here while we kiss neath the moon
I see you smile our love is true
To take your hand into romance
A new horizon we can see
And I catch your eye in a glance
Destiny’s matching you and me
I give you the heart of a man
And love you the only way I can