12 Step Sonnet 2

Created by: Larry Eberhart
Structure: The pentameter version is three quatrains and a couplet
Rhyme Scheme: abcabc dedede ff
The internal rhyme for each stanza has the first syllable in line 1 rhyming with the 2nd syllable in line2, the 3rd syllable in line 3 with the 4th syllable in line 4, and the 5th syllable in line 5 with the 6th syllable in line 6

Example: Acts of Love by Jez Farmer

My joy is her desire given to me
Her cry when our passion reaches its peak
When she knows my love goes beyond the night
Her breathing slows now her senses are free
To play again a game of hide and seek
In the sweet stifled uhhh that feels so right
One kiss demanding the unspoken dream
Undone as want becomes a hungered need
And a whispered sigh the voice of command
That offers bliss withheld in a love’s scream
When two hearts unite together to feed
And when the night is through I kiss your hand
For we built the dreams no one can destroy
In acts of love where there is only joy