Blank Verse Sonnet

Meter: Pentameter or decasyllabic lines
Structure: Quatorzain
Rhyme Scheme: No rhyme
Example: Sleepless Night by Jez Farmer

The night is waiting in silver moonlight,
For lips to meet and share a lover’s kiss,
Between the hushened pleas and wanting sighs,
As parting clouds reveal the moon is full,
The night of sleepless dreaming has begun.
The quiet stillness found in a moment
Even the breeze dares not to make a sound
While discreetly passing along its way
Less love be lost in passion’s heated rush.
For dawn must come so the lovers may sleep
Their limbs entwined upon the bed they shared
The joys of melting lust; the moonlight called
Across the darkness she made her request
Two hearts to beat as one within her love