Musing on Love

‘I want to love you’
I think I said that once
So long ago it seems
When darkness held my heart
And I knew only fear
Too afraid to let it go
But you held my hand
And love I have come to know.

I think I said I’d give my all
If love was mine to give
As you deserve nothing less
And now as I write
I place my heart before you
To your hands for loving care
For I have learned to smile again
Because you are there

Each morning as I wake
I seek your touch in your words
Sometimes believing sometimes not
Your love is mine
And not a wistful dream
Where wonders never cease
As I feel your love
My pain returns to peace

I watch the sun rise
To greet the newborn day
I look around to see
A better place is mine
Within the joy of love
A joy that is ours to keep
In my heart I reach for you
And hold you near as you sleep.

©JG Farmer 2013

Form: A L’Arora