sweet whispering walls paladins of nature and fate blocks the way © JG Farmer 2017


With a Kiss I Die

That first sweet kiss that led me far away To quickened senses and long sultry nights With heated wantings for promised delights As with the wind I watched my caution play. Her sparkling eyes could melt a heart of ice They caressed the soul with hidden desire Igniting sparks of a forgotten fire Defying words … Continue reading With a Kiss I Die

In His Mind

He’s hiding in the dark shadow Alone where none dare look or see The fear that holds his soul below His eyes can’t see how it should be The only voice, the voice of hate A loathing that lives in his mind While piety leads him to fate His own heart he can never find … Continue reading In His Mind


A shot of vodka mixed with gin And vermouth shaken up The drink to ease the day away Found in glass not a cup A slice of lemon for effect Bitterness with a twist Or cherries stabbed onto a stick Or plain; let’s just get pissed. The night is young my lips unkissed And my … Continue reading Bond


No breath of air to ease my heart, No reason found to be a part, The time has come to close my eyes As my soul goes where the raven flies. Outstretched I feel my fingernails Join with dark wings on feathered trails To touch the breath that took my sighs As my soul goes … Continue reading Ascension

Alfred Dorn Sonnet

Structure: Sestet, couplet and sestet Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Rhyme Scheme: abcabc dd aeaeae Example: The Heart’s Beat by Jez Farmer Beneath the curls of soft crimson there waits The sweetest perfume of desire’s dream On the breath of the hushed cry of sorrow Released within love’s kiss that integrates Emotions into a sensuous stream … Continue reading Alfred Dorn Sonnet

Sweet Vengeance

To love, to die again on passion's blade, This heart's desire defies all common sense A twisted knife to tear the guts away When all is lost; one word will yet invade, Demanding nought but her in dark pretence In whispered words I want to hear her say. Promises nothing more than sweet goodnight, Through … Continue reading Sweet Vengeance

Circe’s Magic

I have ne’er changed a man into a beast But mirror images of his own self Then that is what the world should see. A man whom on the suffering doth feast, Should not be offered the delights of wealth Yet the sight of him could set others free. I see the world of man, … Continue reading Circe’s Magic

13 Line Sonnet

Created by: Marcy Jarvis Structure: Any standard 14 line sonnet ending in a couplet or containing a couplet. The couplet is converted into a single line containing internal rhyme. Rhyme Scheme Example: abab cdcd efef g Example: Pink Orchid by Jez Farmer My pink orchid, the sweet flower of love Each bloom holds the secret … Continue reading 13 Line Sonnet


The promise held within a kiss tears the senses down one by one into the dampness of linen sheets and the sacred musk torments the air. My dream lover, come to me in your darkest nightmare ignite the flames of my lust as you kiss my lips feel my hunger like a dagger sinking into … Continue reading Abyss


Silky tresses cascade like water down the crevice; a gentle preface fading swiftly within a lover’s kiss intent and intense the desire caught on each other’s breath her gasping surrender as his hand guides her so softly she falls to her knees while the gentle breeze of his whispers court her desires to surface; as … Continue reading Waterfall


Thoughts lost in frothy coffee cup While hoping to be homeward bound Spiraling emotions catch up Thoughts lost in frothy coffee cup So fast there is no keeping up Memories echo without sound Thoughts lost in frothy coffee cup While hoping to be homeward bound Where body and soul can rest up Thoughts lost in … Continue reading Cappuccino