13 Line Sonnet

Created by: Marcy Jarvis

Structure: Any standard 14 line sonnet ending in a couplet or containing a couplet. The couplet is converted into a single line containing internal rhyme.

Rhyme Scheme Example: abab cdcd efef g

Example: Pink Orchid by Jez Farmer

My pink orchid, the sweet flower of love
Each bloom holds the secret of heart’s desire
Like a kiss from the mysteries above
That nestles on skin igniting the fire
Delicate petals tempt the hummingbird
To feed upon the nectar of passion
Sweet pink orchid that has my senses stirred
Deliver me from this wanting fashion
For I need your sweetness to quench my thirst
As in your love my hungered heart is filled
In my dreams this moment has oft rehearsed
And now in words my wanton thoughts lie spilled
Each one declared true, my love I need you.


©JG Farmer 2015