Alfred Dorn Sonnet

Structure: Sestet, couplet and sestet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter

Rhyme Scheme: abcabc dd aeaeae

Example: The Heart’s Beat by Jez Farmer

Beneath the curls of soft crimson there waits
The sweetest perfume of desire’s dream
On the breath of the hushed cry of sorrow
Released within love’s kiss that integrates
Emotions into a sensuous stream
That cascade at the dawn of tomorrow
In a smile moistened lips whisper a name
Spoken as if making a sacred claim
Supine whisperings sent to tempt the fates
Awakened senses so softly complete
Inside the future that pure passion creates
There is no feeling that can be this sweet
Nor a rose with a beauty that equates
Such is love that seeks only the heart’s beat