Questions of Intimacy

Think of nothing but the night
closed eyes and what must be will be
the carnal lingua tasting
a new awareness
without understanding
the frustration mingling with satisfaction
desiring the impossible dream
while sating the need in reality
think of nothing but tonight

Everything will be fine
it will be okay
the hunger rising as lips drag over skin
aggression forcing the moment
in a fuck of gentle persuasion
and it is all fine

Trust given to the night
in intimate confessions
illusions and confusions whispered
in pillow talk conversations
insecure in the heat of the moment
a tear falls as the body hungers
for the night to confide trust

Closed eyes open to the dawn
of realization
this is just another fucking poem
before words die
in unanswered questions
hidden behind crying eyes

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Free Verse