O Cerridwen

The distant calls from long ago
thy sacred name a faint echo
in darkness cast the circle light
I feel thy presence glowing bright.
As is thy will I greet my queen
and thank thee for all I’ve seen
thy guardians watching over me
my work is done to honour thee.
Thou blesséd Queen, mother of all
O Cerridwen I hear thy call.
While on thy words I meditate
and in thy will I supplicate
thy powers of the dark and light
by sacred oath and holy rite
in divine love and perfect trust
I know thy will, I know I must
obey thy word to feel thy grace
in all I do within this place
please hold my hand if I should fall
O Cerridwen I hear thy call.
As is thy will, so it shall be
and in thy love, so mote it be!

©JG Farmer 2010
Form: Cyhydedd fer