Percolations of Possession

As I awaken I can feel the caress of linen tangled around my limbs and the warmth of her lying beside me. I feel her glow teasing my senses and smile without opening my eyes. I feel her move, slipping silently from beneath my arm but my eyes are not ready for daylight.

Instead, I listen as she goes downstairs and I hear her moving around the kitchen. My mind picturing the silk of her kimono flowing with her body as she moves; the ebb and flow of fabric that tempts and teases the desire of a man. Slowly the aroma of fresh coffee brewing joins the sensual wanderings of my mind. With my eyes closed, I roll onto my back.

I hear the cup of hot coffee being placed on the bedside table. I know it won’t be hot when I drink it. I know she is kneeling beside our bed as her lips touch mine whispering ‘Good Morning Sir’ and in that moment, she is wholly mine. As her lips tease over my chest I open my eyes and watch her move over my skin. Her cheeky smile is the last thing I see as she swallows my hunger and sends me into sweet oblivion.

The expertise of her tongue tormenting my cock drives me wild. I want more and force myself to pull out of her mouth as my arms pull her up beside me. My arms lock holding her tight as I kiss her. Without speaking I push her back onto our bed, my fingers opening the soft petals of skin between her legs. Teasing briefly with my fingers before sliding into her, seeking her warm wetness. My eyes fixed on hers I flex my hips and push deep inside her building the rhythm between us. I hear her breathing change to the ragged gasps for air and hold still as she orgasms for the first time, feeling every quiver of her body as she coats my cock with her pleasure.

The coffee stands cold and untouched but the symbolism of its existence remains.

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Flash Fiction