Blues Sonnet

Structure: A decasyllabic or iambic pentameter quatorzain composed of four triplets and a couplet.

Rhyme Scheme: AAa BBb CCc DDd ee

Example: Too Late by Jez Farmer

Rapid fingers quickly say ‘I miss you’
Instant messages because I miss you
Oh without you my heart is turning blue
Silence after too many heated words
How I regret saying those hurtful words
And forgiveness has flown south with the birds
But how many ways can sorry be said
Often sorry is all that I have said
Now I see only emptiness instead
And I can’t let go or get over it
I’m in love and I can’t get over it
Too late for us now as our worlds have split
And through all this pain I do understand
I caused your pain and now I understand

©JG Farmer 2015