Sighs of Longing

As night falls
I feel the cold darkness
embracing my heart
the darkness once my sweet comfort
now echoes the emptiness I feel
without you

The crisp coldness of
linen covered pillows playing with my hair
catch the sighs of longing
the gentle breeze of your breathing
on my chest

The mask that fools the world falls
in the face of moonlight
and she sees my loneliness
bound in my longing
for the sensual gentleness
of your lips on my skin

My body is restless
denying sleep
and my mind spirals
recalling the exquisite pleasure
of your nails grazing my shoulders
in the spasms of ecstasy

Outside the sky is fading
into dawn and I long to feel you
captured in my arms
like you do after we make love
and I want the lazy kisses
as you drift to sleep
your body sated by passion
and mine has nothing left to give
for you have taken my all

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Free Verse