Political Suidae

The hallowed grounds of education
defiled by excesses of greed and privilege
on the pathway to Westminster
as doting parents pay for their offspring
to be the great and the good
doting parents who handed the child to nanny
while they played at high society
no shame in revelation
it’s all part of the game of social elitism
while snorting cocaine
and Bollinger’s champagne
acceptable behaviour in a meaningless normality
ethics and morality are for the common man
the riff raff who would never do it
but then common decency doesn’t belong
to a man with no sense of morality
while he watches the innocent die
he was farmed out as soon as he was born
and we must wonder if it is really such a surprise
he sought solace
in the mouth a pig

©JG Farmer 2015
Form: Free Verse