Enchanting Exasperation

In your eyes I see
the woman who holds my heart
the passion of my desire
as fingers tease lightly on skin
I see the spark I want to ignite
into a raging fury of flame
and as my lips caress the surface
denying the heat beneath
denying your hunger
denying my lust
for the torment of the teasing
and I see the fury of your frustration
and hear the demanding emotions
in an erotic moan
but my lips move too slowly
to vex your senses
with an unreachable itch
your eyes burn
as you call me names
in passive aggression
and still I deny the moment
you crave and I want
for my love demands all
in a game of endurance
and a battle of wills
will I?
won’t I?
the sensual questioning intensely burning within
combinations of seductive provocations
as we consume the hedonistic
ways of love
like frenzied vampires feeding
on innocence

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Free Verse