Privy Mephistopheles

Human beings, we have dark sides; we have dark issues in our lives. To progress anywhere in life, you have to face your demons – John Noble

I believe human beings are all multi-faceted. Some of those facets are good and some not so good. It certainly would be jolly and wonderful if there was only good in the world but let us reality check and accept there is not. The world we live is one of war, of one lot of humans thinking they are better than another, and it has always been this way. There are also beautiful places in our world, places of tranquillity, of peace and of wonder.

It is relatively easy to see that our world is made up of good and bad however it is far more difficult to see that within self. If we only embrace our positive aspects and deny our darker ones those darker forces are left to run riot in the background and we have no control over them.

John Noble says “you have to face your demons” and initially that is true. However for me personally it goes further than that, much further. Once we begin to acknowledge our darker selves most of us push them away again and they continue to run riot until the next time we have to deal with them. It’s an endless circle of highs and lows with life going nowhere in particular.

There is an alternative and that is to take time to get to know the darker self, embrace it and allow it to be part your existence. For me that was a big turning point. All the teachings I had believed that told me if I accepted these aspects of self I would be less of a person have proven wrong. I am stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

This is not a quick fix and in many ways I am still learning the journey so to speak. I have no control over what life throws at me but I can control how I deal with it and what I use to deal with it. Of course what I use does not sit good with many out there and really I am not bothered anymore as the more I look at it they are the ones controlled by a belief not of their own making. I am free of that restraint, that bondage of corporate and corrupt religion that rules by fear rather than truth. The only god I answer to is me.

Can I therefore say the personal demons are as negative as John Noble makes them sound? Obviously I cannot for they have been there for all my lives and will always be there as part of me because they are me.



©JG Farmer 2015

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