Sensual Sedition

I want to feel you shiver as my tongue lingers
here and there
just briefly on your neck
as my fingers unfasten the zip
slowly pushing the fabric aside
revealing your shoulders
and my lips travel over
licking trails around your neck line
lingering too long at your throat
and the vampyric growl as I pull back
turning you round so I can feast
on the skin of your back
and my fingers caress
pulling the fabric to your elbows
releasing your body
restricting your arms
and my lips keep moving over your shoulders
as fingers free you further
as the clasps falls away
fingers replace fabric
in teasing spirals over your nipples
and I wait kissing your back
tormenting gentleness spiced with painful pinches
slow sensual sedition
I can feel your hunger
as my fingers tighten
letting go to turn you round again
daring you see into my eyes
the look that shows no mercy
before my mouth descends to your nipple
a warming solace where fingers brought torment
soothing until the grip of those fingers
tighten the other side
pushing back against the cold wall
and the juxtaposition of senses begins
my desire – your surrender
for tonight
I am taking what is mine

©JG Farmer 2015

Form: Free Verse