Summer’s End turns November And autumn turns to winter While the sprits remember As in the fires logs splinter The veil no more intervenes Between the dead and living And the circle reconvenes Then and now in thanksgiving In dance and song celebrate Beginning the year anew Divining runes calculate And to days past bid … Continue reading Tachwedd



Sweet love is like the ocean’s surging tide, And, alas, not always the smoothest ride, But where the land shall meet the turbid sea Is where I lay my heart in foolish pride. In love there is no place I’d rather be, For passion thrives in wanton liberty It cannot grow when tied to safer … Continue reading Surfing

Turn Of The Head

With a turn of the head a bereavement as emotions erupt into intense sorrow alone in an instant unlike this poem grief is not brief when nothing can console the tears © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse


At the beginning of the day I feel Just like a whisper in a lover’s dream As remnants of dreams in gold rays congeal In rushing waters of the little stream I feel you standing there right beside me Just like a whisper in a lover's dream I feel your kiss touch me beneath the … Continue reading Sunrise

Busta Sonnetto 2

Rhyme Scheme: abcba deed fghgf Meter: No meter requirement Structure: Quintain, quatrain and quintain Example: Divine Pleasures by Jez Farmer The chime that travels in to yesterday An echo of youth now so distant When the heat of summer meant endless fun Responsibility non-existent When all we had to do was run and play The … Continue reading Busta Sonnetto 2