Summer’s End turns November And autumn turns to winter While the sprits remember As in the fires logs splinter The veil no more intervenes Between the dead and living And the circle reconvenes Then and now in thanksgiving In dance and song celebrate Beginning the year anew Divining runes calculate And to days past bid … Continue reading Tachwedd



Sweet love is like the ocean’s surging tide, And, alas, not always the smoothest ride, But where the land shall meet the turbid sea Is where I lay my heart in foolish pride. In love there is no place I’d rather be, For passion thrives in wanton liberty It cannot grow when tied to safer … Continue reading Surfing

Turn Of The Head

With a turn of the head a bereavement as emotions erupt into intense sorrow alone in an instant unlike this poem grief is not brief when nothing can console the tears © JG Farmer 2017 Form: Free Verse


At the beginning of the day I feel Just like a whisper in a lover’s dream As remnants of dreams in gold rays congeal In rushing waters of the little stream I feel you standing there right beside me Just like a whisper in a lover's dream I feel your kiss touch me beneath the … Continue reading Sunrise

Busta Sonnetto 2

Rhyme Scheme: abcba deed fghgf Meter: No meter requirement Structure: Quintain, quatrain and quintain Example: Divine Pleasures by Jez Farmer The chime that travels in to yesterday An echo of youth now so distant When the heat of summer meant endless fun Responsibility non-existent When all we had to do was run and play The … Continue reading Busta Sonnetto 2

Summer Bright

Her light dancing above the summer air To leave a warming kiss upon the trees And as the night recalls a winter’s breath So Belisama sends a sun-filled glow. Deep in the forest where it’s dark as night Her brightness falls between the leafy shrouds To lead our thoughts beneath our exposed skin And deep … Continue reading Summer Bright

Depths Of The Unknown

The bringer of shadows conceals the stars behind foreboding clouds and my thoughts rush forward into the depths of the unknown as I stumble on the roadside losing my sense of direction alone in the concrete spires of the suburban jungle where nobody cares and no one knows your name like a beast cast out … Continue reading Depths Of The Unknown

Stag King

He comes so silent through the forest trees, I thought he was borne of the misty air His antlers proud against long flowing hair And I wondered if he could see me freeze. The setting sun was fading, he stood there, And I could see blazing fire in his eyes As he raised his head … Continue reading Stag King

Box Of Lies

Persuasions offered in their words Slogans repeated in ways absurd It must be true on the TV No biased questions on the news Political lies and points of views It must be true on the TV Reality shows to numb the brain The masses are easy to train It must be true on the TV … Continue reading Box Of Lies

Spirits Meet

In circle centre spirits meet above, below, within, with age-old words I call and greet and will they enter in. In scented air, purify me to serve at her command, in flames of fire, sanctify me may I meet her demand. Fresh waters of the mountain stream to wash away my fear, the Earth beneath … Continue reading Spirits Meet


From that first touch before I could comprehend the pulsating movements between our hands as our fingers entwined to lead the dance without chorography without intension each step into the unknown and the rhythm grows intensifying the senses into that state of hypnosis called ecstasy a rapture that binds me to you in the chains … Continue reading Hypnosis

Song Of Nature

The song of nature’s birth is all around, Through all of time its music calls to us, It’s sung in the stars and the earthly ground A song of love that none can e’er succuss. In our prayers and ritual of sacred praise, We call the Sun upon the Earth to gaze From green hilled … Continue reading Song Of Nature

Solstice Dawn

Every bud has borne a flow’r Beneath the Sun God’s rays of pow’r. The Summer days that lay ahead In love and warmth we all are fed. Those longer days we’re blessed with strength As fruits ripen within their length In wisdom and might all things grow To reach the sky and deep below All … Continue reading Solstice Dawn

Balanced Sonnet

Created by: Barbara Dilworth Structure: 2 Septets Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Rhyme Scheme: ababcbc dedefef Example: Empty Throne by Jez Farmer I’m yielding to the will of fate’s command And letting go so I may dance again For love is never to be at my hand Instead I grieve but deny feeling pain For all … Continue reading Balanced Sonnet

Trial By Rumour

Silently they gossip with nodding heads And hidden secrets appear on display While the victim stands with his soul in shreds With his thoughts torn by the all-knowing eye In the parlour of old-fashioned decay Where even the innocent can but cry Their trial by rumour with sentence passed No words can be offered in … Continue reading Trial By Rumour


Recalling the nights of leather caressing leather I held you between my thighs as I straddle your curves controlling your throbbing power while my feet barely touched the ground as we moved together pulling you back and keeping it slow then letting you growl and speed through the darkness then pulling you back to slow … Continue reading Leather

Within Love

The deep blue oceans are not wide enough To keep my heart from always feeling you For there can be no boundaries on love As hearts can only beat when they are free To embrace the power of all that’s true There, in our love, my eyes begin to see The beauty held solely within … Continue reading Within Love

Busta Sonetto 1

Meter: No meter requirement Structure: 2 quintains and a quatrain Rhyme Scheme: abcba defed ghhg Example: Danish Prince by Jez Farmer A soliloquy questions life or death One man’s desperate plea seeking choice As he utters ‘to be or not to be’ The strain echoing in his troubled voice And again as he draws into … Continue reading Busta Sonetto 1

Approaching Thunder

As the sky grows weary and the slow clouds laden with rain rumble ever closer to where we wait for the last bus unprotected from the coming storm a brief flash and for a moment the world is bright in whiteness and my eyes see desperation perspiring from your skin and I take the chance … Continue reading Approaching Thunder


Each night I wake in the same dream and I scream into the darkness I hear your footsteps following me I see your shadows haunting me I feel you On a starless night in the swarthy heat the streets are empty in the godless hours and the chase is on I sense you closing in … Continue reading Nyctophobia


Kitchen Date: 1644 Style: Baroque David Teniers the Younger Flemish 15 Dec 1610 – 25 April 1690

For The Love Of Rain

The languorous skies weigh in On hazy summer days Unbroken heat waiting for The whispers of rain Sultry nights of too much love Demanding bodies Already molten with lust Find coolness to sleep The moistness of sweat seems dry In rising summer heat Until the first raindrops fall So joyfully wet Fragmented summer evaporates Into … Continue reading For The Love Of Rain

Silver Willow

The willow leaves take on a silver glow As lunar light foretells of love tonight That speaks without uttering worldly sound And leaves the senses rippling to the ground In lucent passions the soul makes its flight Beneath the boughs of the weeping-willow O sweet this love that quenched my seething thirst With gentle touch … Continue reading Silver Willow