Each night I wake in the same dream
and I scream into the darkness
I hear your footsteps
following me
I see your shadows
haunting me
I feel you

On a starless night in the swarthy heat
the streets are empty in the godless hours
and the chase is on
I sense you closing in behind me
so close I can smell
the sweetness of your perfume

In a brief glance, I see your outline
a brief moment to forget
the pleasure of your tongue
shattering my sinews
as you touch me
and I scream again

Fear and pleasure mingle
with the destructive desire of my senses
as your hands caress over me
slow and intense
and your kiss
silences my cry

My hushed mouth amusing your tongue
as your body slides into place
and our minds are in fusion
where words have no meaning
as you entice me to reach
beyond the gates
of my own limitation
to utter the words at your command
say it, say it mister
and in a whisper I say
‘I love you’

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Free Verse