Depths Of The Unknown

The bringer of shadows
conceals the stars
behind foreboding clouds
and my thoughts rush forward
into the depths of the unknown
as I stumble on the roadside
losing my sense of direction
alone in the concrete spires
of the suburban jungle
where nobody cares
and no one knows your name
like a beast cast out
making faltering steps forward
knowing each could be my last
and I hide in the dark recesses
listening to the hunters cry
while searching for prey
among the carnage
of trash-ridden back allies
and I watch as they clamour
over the meagre pickings
some congealed remains of last night’s takeaway
they eat rapidly
dissipating into the shadows of the night
and I shrink back against the wall
shrouded in fear and an old cardboard box
until the light comes
and I emerge from the fear of yesterday
into the hope of tomorrow

© JG Farmer 2017
Form: Free Verse

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