The White Stag

Beside the dreamy streams he stands alone,
The fires of lightning sparking in his eye,
As the white stag comes to the sacred stone
The Sun-god smiles wherever ravens fly,
Like a mountain reaching for misty sky
Proudly stands the chief of the Mabogni
His battles fought, in peace dwells Lord of grain
Through summer sun and the blustery rain
Protecting all those lost on battle plain.
Through the gentle love of his silver words
We’re touched and blessed by his power again
As our souls rich out to fly with the birds,
And as he serenades his maiden fair
We, too, can feel Lleu’s presence waiting there


©JG Farmer 2011
Form: New Zealand Sonnet

2 thoughts on “The White Stag

    1. Hello my cricket loving mate.

      You might peruse the date on this here verse
      As by my thinking you were my guiding light
      at that there time; along with uni staff
      and other ne’er do wells

      Almost a sapphic I guess

      Good to here form you, how are you being? Still causing mayhem up in the big smoke?


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