Christina’s World

Title: Christina’s World Date: 1948 Realism Artist: Andrew Wyeth American 1917 - 2009


Sleepless in Love

  Again I’m here and you are there And without you I lay awake At night distance too much to bear As all my senses dare to ache For you and the sweet love we make A moonless sky holds no solace To closed eyes as my thoughts retrace Your lips as when they first … Continue reading Sleepless in Love

Echo Sonnet

Created by: Jeff Green Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet Rhyme Scheme: a1bba2 acca2 adda2 a1a2 Example: Lebensraum by Jez Farmer To find the place where gods reside; just look Into a candle’s solitary flame And listen for their voice to call your name Within the self, and there you’ll find … Continue reading Echo Sonnet

Tutelary Goddess

She calls from waters of rivers and seas, To Britons of the future, now and past, She is the whisper on an English breeze, She is the knowledge our freedom will last. From the valleys of Wales she filled with song, To purple heather of bonnie Scotland The call of our nations forever strong, Through … Continue reading Tutelary Goddess

In the Beginning

Realms of fantasy lay hidden in the depths of imagination while the turbulence of reality buries them deeper the writer must dig them out word by word never in order but a jumbled mass of verbal imaginings tangled by life like wool that met the playful kitten and the mess must be sorted each word … Continue reading In the Beginning

Wild Surrender

She is the flame that dances on my skin A searing torment igniting my lust As kissing silences, the words within Her desire draws out my instinctive need Acquiesced want given to her in trust Her fiery heat to which I must concede My love she’s taking me beyond my fear In a rush of … Continue reading Wild Surrender