Turn Off the Light

Click! Nothing but empty darkness and an overactive mind for company. In the distance a clock ticks idly passing time. The only sound in an empty house and the mind grasps it increasing the volume until each tick is a cannon shot.

˜Relax” they said then gave me a few pills to send me to sleep. The mind is dazed but that ticking still invades. I feel it coming closer and I can taste my fear, the acrid bite of terror with each inhalation of panic-stricken fear at the back of my throat and I feel my pulse racing.

Louder and ever closer, darkness and time push down on me and my breath rasps in and out. Fear turns to terror in pools of petrified sweat as my fingers grasp onto the brief shards of moonlight before the clouds of hell come again. My fingers splay across the wall, feeling through the darkness that is sucking me in until…

… Click! In the dim light I wait for the dawn and the safety of a new day.


©JG Farmer 2014

Form: Prose

2 thoughts on “Turn Off the Light

    1. Describes mine too but I promise as you go through the journey and the changes happen for you it gets easier.

      Now I have a weird old dream that this is all a dream and I wake up back as things were. Fortunately not that often but it scares the living hell out of me, and normally when I am on a depression.

      Jez xx

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