Friday Fix

Friday Fix

The sunset is fading into the darkness of night. The streets are silent as the clubbers are clubbing and the stay-at-homes are sat in front of the latest instalment of some reality show. It is Friday night and for the first time since the previous week he feels the need to go out.

With the stealth of predator in the night he starts his quest. Moving silently through the streets clinging to the shadows created by the amber orange street lights. Watching for any sign of movement. By midnight he is at his favourite observation point. A dark alley entrance that connects the main street from the bustling lights of the town to the quiet suburban streets of affluence.

He doesn’t have to wait long before a girl out on the razz staggers past. He waits a few moments as she clings to a nearby wall before, like any other true gentleman, offering to see her home. The arm resting on her waist guides her back into the shadows.

The next day…

In the coffee shop I am sitting sipping the dark arabica espresso while staring at the news headlines on my phone. The articles all demanding how authorities can deny that he doesn’t exist. The conversational buzz hovering over various coffees is of the vampire in our midst.

In silence, I dab the corner of my mouth with a paper napkin before rising silently and disappearing into the autumn sunshine with a smile.

No, my dears, vampires do not succumb to daylight.

© JG Farmer 2017
Flash Fiction

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