My senses are aware of everything. The coolness of the air from the open window, the involuntary shiver on your lip as we kiss and I see that erotic glimmer in your eyes before your lashes close. That glimmer that drives me to the brink of sanity night after night as it pulls my desire into your pleasure.

My lips kiss you firmer and deeper as I push you back onto our bed, covering you with my hunger as my fingers twist and turn into foreplay. Teasing your need from your flesh the whispers of ‘I love you’ darken to the intensity of my want ‘I want to fuck you.’
My lips descend onto your nipple – kissing, sucking, biting as my demanding fingers sink into the moist heat between your thighs. In that moment the world ceases to exist and the gentle lover lies abandoned to the inner beast that is my passion.

©JG Farmer 2016

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