Going Stealth

In most of my life I choose not to hide my status as a transgender man. However, in my working life I have elected to be pretty much stealth. If the need arises I will quietly say something but at work I am Jez an everyday guy doing his job.

This is not out of fear of discrimination or anything remotely close to that. The work place is one of the few places I can just be me and get on with it without thinking about trans issues that are cropping up in other aspects of my life. I am not treated any different to any of the guys I work with and they treat me as one of them, which I am, of course.

It may get a little difficult when the next round of surgery comes along as I will need a significant period off work to recover. I will cross that bridge when I come to it – more like paddle over the river on a self-made raft but you get my point.

For me the journey of social transition happened long before the medical stuff even came about. A showy declaration of coming out just isn’t on the agenda. ‘Hey guys I’m transgender’ has never been my thing. It really is a more of a who needs to know thing.

Equality is about everyone being treated the same and by being stealth I get no special treatment in the work place as I don’t want it. Being trans makes many aspects of my life different and at times difficult but not my work life. My job isn’t about whether I have a dick or not, if it was then maybe I would have a problem.

Being stealth is not hiding who I am, it is being who I am. And that is what matters most of all. I am free to be me without the hindrance of labels.


© JG Farmer 2017

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