Elemental Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter

Structure: Quatrain, sestet and quatrain

Rhyme Scheme: abab ccddcc fgfg

Example: Song of Nature by Jez Farmer

The song of nature’s birth is all around,
Through all of time its music calls to us,
It’s sung in the stars and the earthly ground
A song of love that none can e’er succuss.
In our prayers and ritual of sacred praise,
We call the Sun upon the Earth to gaze
From green hilled valleys to the ocean’s shore
Upon all the living things, his love does pour
And through the clearing of the dawn’s first haze
Come the arcane echoes of ancient ways
In whispered words of an elemental prayer
The voices change but the song is the same
They call upon fire, water, earth and air
To join with spirit in the Pagan flame