Beginning of the Line Rhymed Sonnet

Structure: Octet and sestet. First words in the line rhyme, not the end rhyme word

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter

Rhyme Scheme: aabbccdd eeffgg

Example: A Path of Virtue by Jez Farmer

Above among the stars I see my dream
Of love, the virtuous path to your kiss
Desire the lamp that leads the way ahead
The fire burns deep keeping my soul alive
Appealing senses no longer deny
The feeling of love has taken my heart
Needing, wanting as if starved by hunger
Heeding the signs that invite me closer
Take me now and hold me forever near
Make me feel your presence throughout the night
Let me kiss your soft lips before I sleep
Set me free within your sensual touch
For love has spun its magic over me
Nor shall my heart ever be without you