On the Night Wind

1am. The world is silent
my thoughts entombed in silence
expressed on the screen
in never ending lines of desire.

Fingers dancing on keys
to the music of imaginations
and visualisations that play out
in my mind
where you are beside me
and I can feel your lips caressing my skin.

The muse she is tempting me
write the intimacy to awaken my senses
that hunger for your presence
and my tongue flashes over my lips
seeking your sweetness
while my want intensifies as I peer into the night
that lingers outside my window
and I imagine it is your breath sleeping on the wind.

6am. I pull off my shirt exposing
my skin to the early morning breeze
that is your breath
caressing my flesh
inviting me to sleep
and find you in my dreams.


©JG Farmer 2016
Form: Free Verse

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