Melting Vanilla

Lie still baby Don’t move baby A gentle kiss of reassurance as silk tightens on your wrists my lips linger before the leather darkens your vision Ok baby Trust me baby Coldness burns your senses melting to your heat cream white stream flowing in the sweet honey You’re mine baby All mine baby Fingers stirring … Continue reading Melting Vanilla


What Is It Like

As the group organizer for Swindon TG Group I get a fair few people asking questions about transgender and gender dysphoria. It is not easy to answer a lot of these questions on a general level as everyone is unique and their life experiences are unique to them. Being transgender is no different – our … Continue reading What Is It Like


Every man has a hero the rock beneath their feet and you are mine my foundation and strength throughout my younger days as my eyes watched, my mind taking notes for the time would come to remember in the uncertainty and chaos each memory my bricks of construction for a new beginning while cocooned in … Continue reading Apotheosis