Melting Vanilla

Lie still baby
Don’t move baby

A gentle kiss of reassurance
as silk tightens on your wrists
my lips linger before the leather
darkens your vision

Ok baby
Trust me baby

Coldness burns your senses
melting to your heat
cream white stream flowing
in the sweet honey

You’re mine baby
All mine baby

Fingers stirring
cold and heat
combining one with the other
sweet and sweet

Ice ice baby
Tastes nice baby

I hear you cry
in a cold shiver
for the man who plays
sensations it’s time for change

Hot now baby
Burning baby

Setting tight on the cold
to crack at a bite
as my tongue lifts the layers
for my mouth to savour

Sweet sweet baby
Tongue swirls baby

Leaving no trace of
the sticky sensations of my desire
teasing your hunger
in slow intrusions

Ice hot baby
Cold sweet baby

My lips on yours making you taste
vanilla, chocolate and the sweetness
and the whisper soft in your ear
what is the secret extra

It’s you baby
My ice baby

© JG Farmer 2016

Form: Free Verse


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