Black Bird

The Lord of prophecy and artistic word Returning silent life to the war dead Before he too, came to lose his own head The cauldron-god with wings of a black bird. For seven years foreseeing Harlech’s fate And then four score and seven more in Gwales In music, art and song he shared his many … Continue reading Black Bird


I Wish I Had Known

Prompt: If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is… It is easy to say I would tell myself to face the fear I had of being a freak for feeling like a boy in a girl’s body, but I know I didn’t have the strength about me at … Continue reading I Wish I Had Known

Forest Spring

Shadows of winter remain here Unclad by the early spring sun Echoes chilled by the passing time Seasons rebuild nature’s beauty Torn between worlds, the then and now Reborn in the cool forest glades Life on earth must return again In the blessed birth of springtide’s call Walking amid awakening trees Sleep talking and stretching … Continue reading Forest Spring


I kiss the dust that lies beneath your feet As I know from your love I can’t retreat But still I feel the pain of losing you You are all I wanted in dreams beneath The sun; you are my sun and all I knew Of love I found only in your presence The rapture … Continue reading Before

Chains and Blades

The sweet song of freedom softly echoes against the bars of restriction exposing the soul to deeper passions found only in cruel torment as hunger and desire become the chains of bondage chains that tighten cold steel against flesh chains that bring liberation from the cravings of lust in flashes of metal chains and blades … Continue reading Chains and Blades

Natural Rhythm

When I listen to the earth ‘neath my feet I hear the echo of an ancient time Of lives before I came to write in rhyme The call of nature’s spiritual beat Upon the shore as the day and night meet Amid the breaking of the salty waves I feel it; the rhythm that my … Continue reading Natural Rhythm