Caudated Malayan Sonnet

Created by: Jose Rizal M. Reyes
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Structure: 5 quatrains
Rhyme Scheme: aaba bbcb ccdc ddde eeff

Example: Surfing by Jez Farmer

Sweet love is like the ocean’s surging tide,
And, alas, not always the smoothest ride,
But where the land shall meet the turbid sea
Is where I lay my heart in foolish pride.
In love there is no place I’d rather be,
For passion thrives in wanton liberty
It cannot grow when tied to safer ground
A heart can only know love if it’s free.
A rolling wave that makes no other sound,
Can leave me wanting, needing to be found
Enticing me to climb its mighty height
In certainty, I will be surely drowned
And left like a corpse to the endless night,
But when the heart rules, the mind’s never right.
Yet in the salty breeze the flames ignite,
Empowered senses see no pain or rust,
As once again they are deceived by lust
Instinctive reactions have far more trust
In the heat of the moment, I’ve no cares
For love can only come to he who dares!