Wisps of Bluish-Grey

Prompt: Hardboiled

The sun was just beginning to dip below the horizon as the sky takes on the twilight hues of burnt oranges and across the air, the scent of coal embers spiralled out of the chimney pots in wisps of bluish grey. Old Bill has just arrived home from his work. His ageing face hardened by graft of toiling in the heat of the foundry hour after hour, day after day.

Each day he returns to the silent embrace of the house he has called home for more than 25 years. Long gone are the shrill squeals and bickering of his daughters. They now have children of their own. Tessa, the eldest, has three, two boys and a girl, while Bren has four, two girls and twin boys.

As the pan bangs on to the range Old Bill recalls how his Meg would have been frying eggs as he came home. For two long years, she had been gone. The last epidemic of TB had got her. The customary note of condolences from the foundry owners had been cast into the fire without being opened. Everyone knew it was the pollution from the foundry that kept bringing TB and condolences meant nothing. As Bill sipped the tea he could taste it, tainted water is tainted water no matter how hard it boils.
© JG Farmer 2018
Form: Free Write

9 thoughts on “Wisps of Bluish-Grey

      1. All is good on this front. The usual routine … getting older, aches and pain. Two major issues are really testing my ‘stamina’:
        1. the idiot in the White House
        2. the state of my country after Hurricane María on Sept … it will be 159 days after the event and some areas still have no power. There’s also been quite an exodus of people leaveingto come to the mainland.

        On another note, I trust all is good for you ‘romantically”. ❤ ….

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        1. Similar here we got Brexit ripping the country apart with the help of May and her crew – I despair I really do.

          Your orange in the White House – well it is not a good thing for America or the world.

          Remance – Ma’am I am getting married to my lovely Caz in September – yes, she is that bloody crazy to actually have said yes.

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          1. I’m so happy for you!! Congrats on this next step!!
            I share your despair … I can’t believe how it seems this world is coming apart at the seams.
            Correct about the orange … sad thing for the world indeed. A total embarrassment and a real danger.
            I’ve been trying to understand Brexit and all but lack the adequate, local source. Thought May was OK.

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            1. Compared to the orange one yes certainly May would appear ok – nope she is not good for this country. She is too weak and ineffective, and a Tory

              Brexit is a major economic disaster for this country. A lot of international organisations are readying to pull out and move to Europe – not good for employment or stability.

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              1. I guessed the economic disaster, etc. Wow about the organizations moving out! Pardon my ignorance … being a Tory is bad?
                Is there any way to undo Brexit?
                The Nigel guy was visiting here last week at something called ‘CPAC’ … as well as a Le-Pen woman (not Marion). Notice the state of this Union when those loonies are given time and credence … even though the even has always been a self-stroking event for the Republicans. No president usually participated … this year, guess what? Orange was there in total campaign mode. Speech … totally unhinged but adored by the hypnotized followers there!!

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                1. For Tory read Republican – best comparison I can make.

                  Many are calling for a second public vote on Brexit – whether it would change anything I am not sure. There is a horrible atmosphere of racism and other prejudices raising it’s ugly head unfortunately.

                  Is Orange ever not in self ego stroking campaign mode – I get the impression he is all about how great he art and little to back it up with. Hypnotising the masses, is that not what Hitler did?


                  1. Tory … that’s what I thought! The horrible atmosphere of racism and the prejudices you mention are really rearing their head here. It’s awful. It hurts me sensibilities … seems to me it’s all over the world. The refugee issue is awful. Wreck a country … where will they go.
                    I’ve realized America is very hypocritical and it’s an empire even though many don’t see it. My country was invaded by them in 1898 … they have never left!!
                    Yes, hypnotized masses … Hitler. It’s scary to watch. The orange one is an empty shell, no soul, no feelings, no empathy … only me, me, me … he sickens me!!
                    Hugs dear friend … always good to connect with you!! ❤ …


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