Cannonades of Summer

A chilled breath creeps across the green A feeling words left unexplained It's closing in yet still unseen A chilled breath creeps across the green And the air feels dry and unclean Like the ground its burned and stained A chilled breath creeps across the green A feeling words left unexplained The sky darkens to … Continue reading Cannonades of Summer


Once in a Quarter

Prompt: What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? I guess the number one thing would be to stop judging everything I do in such a negative light. I know my worst critic is myself and that is something I really shouldn’t do. I have battled with the feelings of self-loathing for as long … Continue reading Once in a Quarter

The Boss

She stretches at the end of my bed no sound, she wants no fuss the one-eyed blink that says ‘I need more sleep Just go away’ and all is still again and I write in the silence of a Sunday afternoon as hours pass she does not move just sleeps until her internal dinner gong … Continue reading The Boss

Teal End House

Miss Tillie McDonald had worked for the Larrimer household since she was 14. Back then, of course, she had been a scullery maid and a junior one at that. At 30 Tillie was the housekeeper of Teal End House, with a house and kitchen maid to keep in order. Old Mr Larrimer had been the … Continue reading Teal End House


A closed heart holds the darkest secrets near Yet still, it's broken when love turns to pain There is no wall against truth’s deepest fear A closed heart holds the darkest secrets near Alone with words that bring no warmth or cheer The soulless promise now a weighted chain A closed heart holds the darkest … Continue reading Disquietude

The Crime Writer

Susan Davies, a young up-and-coming features writer at the Tormane Weekly Gazette stared at the box of notebooks on the desk in front of her. The accompanying letter in her hands had left her lost for words. The acclaimed crime novelist Kimberly Dent wanted her, an unknown feature writer, to write her life story. Without … Continue reading The Crime Writer

Chivalric Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet Rhyme Scheme: xaxa xbxb xcxc dd Example: Down by the Stream by Jez farmer Each night I walk past the tree-lined stream, And see the seasons flowing quickly by, The silver shards that moonlight leaves behind, Entwined with rusty gold of autumn's sigh. I sit … Continue reading Chivalric Sonnet

Hope with Honours

At the Deynov Space Academy, parents of the graduating students were gathering to watch the honours ceremony. Among them, sat in the front row, were the parents of Tsori Robak. In a few short minutes, their daughter would take her place on the podium to receive her graduation documents. At just 19 Tsori would be … Continue reading Hope with Honours

I Think of You

I think of you every song on the radio whispers your name and I’m kissing you as the earth drifts away into desert heat I look into your eyes searching for my oasis the respite to quench my thirst like rain on a summer’s day and all because I think of you   © JG … Continue reading I Think of You

Seat 20 B

Nancy’s job as a ticket inspector had its moments, few and far between, but it had them. For the last 2 years on a Monday to Friday evening the young blonde girl had sat in seat 20 of carriage B of the 19:52 train. Always seat 20, always carriage B and always the 19:52. Nancy … Continue reading Seat 20 B

Beymorlin Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter Structure: Octet and sestet Rhyme Scheme: abbacddc efefgg Example: Last Kiss by Jez Farmer And before I die I recall the love I’m lost in faded dreams of youthful thought Like post-it notes that always came to nought Could be loves that only poets write of A kiss of good-bye when … Continue reading Beymorlin Sonnet

The Spectral Seducer

As dark clouds gathered embracing the sky Old jazz tunes kissed the streets of New Orleans Each note lingering to reach for the moon Old time airs bringing romance to the scene Returning to the dreams of ages past I heard her say ‘huh?’ as I kissed her hand With raindrops falling hard on to … Continue reading The Spectral Seducer

Reflections of Death

The mirror looked out over her bedroom from its ancient gothic frame. Tarnished by time what was left of the fine gold leaf detailing was tarnished and black. The deep speckled edges of the glass told their own story. Chips and chunks from all the careless movings spoke harshly of neglect. No, time had not … Continue reading Reflections of Death


That deep part of me I share with you and only you a gift given by choice but not for free for it demands the highest love from you and from me given in honour to be held in trust for it is the soul that lives within me and grows stronger each day nurtured … Continue reading Dominance

Just No

Prompt: Who makes your life possible Well, that is a dumb thing to have as a prompt. It implies life is only doable if someone else validates my existence. Just no! The only person who can do that is me. I really have no idea what to add to this. It is not often a … Continue reading Just No

The Date

At a quarter past seven, I must dash For the Appleby’s expect me at eight A flick of oil to my silver moustache For Miss Emma-Jane I mustn’t be late A brisk evening walk buffered by the west And yesterday’s news flies across the street As icy blasts cut through my Sunday best Must hurry … Continue reading The Date

The Illusory Child

‘Oliver, please listen to me!!’ Alfie had been warned this time would come. It was part of the deal. When a kid no longer required an illusory it was time to disappear back into the realms of the occasional memory. Five years earlier, Alfie had been assigned to Oliver. Oliver was then just coming on … Continue reading The Illusory Child

Riding the Waves

Cruelly torn from love’s tantalizing kiss The rage of passion burns beneath my skin It feeds on pleasure gasping from your lips As my tongue flickers softly on your flesh I watch you writhing possessed by desire How slow the touch comes when it’s all you need A little longer; let me enjoy you Let … Continue reading Riding the Waves

Immortal Lust

That night when I first saw her common sense said feel nothing. She was intensely potent and I could feel her energy ripple through me. My shield of cool detachment shattered when her eyes caught mine and I felt that hunger surge through my blood. Damn in less than five minutes the inner demon had … Continue reading Immortal Lust


I see the stars glisten softly in your eyes as they mingle with the tears you cry the divine wonder of nightly reflections caught in a glance a mere moment of circumstance yet still you deny doubting the veracity of what I see in you questioning my integrity thus, I too question your trust in … Continue reading Starlight

Passing Ship

I sought the moment in her eyes while denying the turmoil inside my mind my voice coaxing her forward daring her to reach oblivion all for the precious freedom locked in the glowing aftermath of sex embraced in serenity and carnal destruction yet still my soul felt alone isolated from desire rejected by love with … Continue reading Passing Ship

Small Steps

It will get better this darkness will fade and the inner light will shine through but it takes so long with hopes dashing rebuilding and dashing again my mind shattered by torment empty reflections tormented thoughts of what will be but when, tell me when yet reflections show change happens wiry whiskers replacing gloss no … Continue reading Small Steps


The garden has lost its beautiful rose And so the sky has lost its brightest star As this emptiness echoes near and far My life without you; fear the worst of foes Echoes that speak only in evil dreams To open the weary scars of the past The nightmare that a love can never last … Continue reading Phantasm

Beltane Rise

They share the sky at early morn A god and goddess joined again As birds sing welcome to the dawn And dew feels soft like summer rain The grass leaves gentle kisses here Upon the feet of roaming stag He seeks the love to bring him cheer His eyes searching for springtide’s flag She dances … Continue reading Beltane Rise

Whatever It Takes

Prompt: The words I like to live by… Death before dishonour. The generally accepted meaning is to die before you go against a cause you value. The older I have got the more I am aware of a core set of beliefs, ethics and values that I will not allow to be changed or sacrificed. … Continue reading Whatever It Takes

The Crown

Fingers grip the rock of the mountain face Keep moving upward at a steady pace My heart at one with the cool mountain air Determination to get to the top As burning limbs ache to take up the dare I’m nearly there, a few feet from the peak Just one more push and I will … Continue reading The Crown