Out of Balance

Prompt: Describe a moment in your life you will never forget

I can’t really remember that much as I was dosed up by anesthetic and morphine. I was sleeping it off after the first operation of my transition. Known to many as ‘top surgery’ I wasn’t surprised that I felt like had been in a head on collision with something heavy. The dressings around my chest felt tight, made even tighter by a medical binder I would have to wear for the next 14 days or so.

A delightful Italian nurse, who I think had popped in earlier when I was even more fuzzyheaded, appeared through the door of my room. Now I was more with it she wanted me to try and take a short walk to the bathroom and take a pee. This is when it all got a bit interesting. Swinging my legs out of the bed was easy enough and the bathroom was no more than five steps away. The nurse kept telling me to take it steady and I kept looking at her as if she was crazy.

Then I stood up. In that instant I understood why she was trying to keep me relaxed. My centre of balance was completely shot to fuck. With the grace of a cart load of bricks I landed back on the bed. I’m sat there staring at the nurse with a look of ‘what just happened?’

Of course, losing a mass load of weight from my chest was going to make a difference to my moving about and balance. At the next attempt I let the nurse do her job and keep me balanced as I walked the five steps that seemed like a mile or so to the bathroom. I couldn’t resist looking down, straight down with no huge bumps in the way and the elation and freedom I felt was amazing. This flatness was how my chest should be. I did my pee and staggered wonky fashion but with a definite wiggle of hell yeah back to bed. Now I had done that I could have a proper cup of tea before drifting back into happy morphine sleep with the dancing pink elephants.


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