Ancient Mother

Prompt: What every day thing makes you smile inside and why

There is nothing quite as humbling yet deliciously beautiful as the sound of the dawn chorus. Birdsong has the incredible ability to reach deep into the psyche and touch the soul with sheer joy. It makes getting up before the world of humanity is awake so worthwhile.

In reality the birds are rarely silent, even at night. In a quiet space and moment there is always the song of birds touching the air. I often take a late night/early morning walk along the stream path just to hear the birds chattering from the bushes and trees. Are they sending messages from nest to nest?

Maybe they are sharing the news of the day. I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter. This is my quiet time when my mind can drift into the natural world and I can feel myself grounding back to connect with the Earth. To be at one with the ancient mother; there is no greater pleasure than that.

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