Liquid Nitrogen

Prompt: The touch of liquid nitrogen

What sort of crazy prompt is that. Just what the fuck can I do with it apart from stare at a blank screen and type I don’t know what to write, I have no idea what to write. This is going to drive me nuts. I am already feeling sick of free writing. Nausea, Nausea. Nausea.


Nausea burns at the base of the throat as the stomach churns repulsion. My senses closedown with my eyelashes as in the darkness physical desire mingles with physical hate. Burning sensations on the skin like twisted reactions from some cheap rate horror fiction. The warmth of blood in my veins turning to liquid nitrogen and my thoughts are frozen in time.


When I open my eyes, I see her hunger laid out for me, her lips quivering on anticipation and want. Her eyes searching mine for the sign her desire is returned, and all she sees is her own hunger reflected in steel grey. So, I will feed her hunger, drive her body to the edge of passion, deny her desire long enough to hear her cry and with calculated movements interact with her reactions until her pleasure is complete and she drifts to sleep.


Then in the darkness I can release my fears, embrace my tears and surrender to the pain that is the act of love.



© JG Farmer 2018

Form: Free Write