Whatever It Takes

Prompt: The words I like to live by…

Death before dishonour. The generally accepted meaning is to die before you go against a cause you value. The older I have got the more I am aware of a core set of beliefs, ethics and values that I will not allow to be changed or sacrificed. In recent years those words have taken on a whole new significance about my gender transition. Whatever happens, I will take this journey to its end and find where I am supposed to be at or die trying. It is simply something I must do for me, and if anyone disagrees with me or doesn’t like it then the fact is I must leave them behind and go on without them. It doesn’t mean I am not afraid, I am. I face discrimination daily and believe me there is always someone ready to have a go. Hate crime is on the increase in the UK, a hate being driven by our media with an agenda against minorities. Only last year I was happy to talk to the media, now I am not so sure. That saddens me but as many of the stories we see in the press are now ones to generate hate I don’t want to be part of that. Another simple fact, if I won’t let those I love stop me doing what I must do, the people who hate on me have no chance. I no longer ask what the people I love think I should do, as I know what I should do, and my mind is set and has been for a long time so what is the point in asking for opinions that either validate my own or I am going to ignore anyway. I will be the man I know I am whatever it takes or die trying.


© JG Farmer 2018
Form: Free Write

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