It Started with Sarcasm

Prompt: I couldn’t imagine living without…

My sarky self is high and would say air. None of us can exist without the air that we breathe. We sure need that oxygen fix every few seconds. The air we breathe to get that oxygen is getting less and less pure as we as a species insist on polluting the air we need to exist. Manufacturing fumes, chemical fumes, car exhausts and the like. Our way of living is pumping pollutants into the air at an alarming rate. The same air that we must breathe. How can any of us know what a breath of pure air tastes like. What does it feel like as it enters our lungs. As individuals we are all consumers and therefore pump the pollutants out. There is no escaping the fact we all leave a carbon footprint that say I was here. Just by writing this free write I am consuming electricity and pumping out pollution. I could use a manual typewriter or pen and paper, but does that really reduce my carbon imprint as even the basic tools of writing require manufaction.


© JG Farmer 2018

Form: Free Write

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