Immortal Lust

Immortal Lust

That night when I first saw her common sense said feel nothing. She was intensely potent and I could feel her energy ripple through me. My shield of cool detachment shattered when her eyes caught mine and I felt that hunger surge through my blood. Damn in less than five minutes the inner demon had awoken and was screaming through my veins.

I had been kidding myself even thinking I could keep my natural self under wraps. I looked at her again, the innocent face with a not-so innocent smile then slowly lifting my eyes to meet hers again, knowing there could be no sanctuary. As we sipped wine I absorbed every unconscious movement, body language speaks louder than words in a crowded bar where only casual chit-chat was viable.

After a few sips I knew exactly how her tongue flicked lightly over her lips capturing the crisp dryness of the Pinot Grigio. I also knew more than a little too intimately how much I wanted it to be my tongue tasting her sweetness as I kissed her. I wanted to feel her melt into that surrender when my teeth pierced her skin and the first precious drops of her could celebrate on my tongue.

But first I wanted to enjoy the romance. As the first bars of a Strauss waltz flirted with the sultry heat of a late summer night I led her on to the dance floor. My eyes fixed on hers as we careened around and I knew she was special, a little different from the others who I had used to sate my need. I would have to control my hunger and only take enough to survive, for us both to survive until she was ready to join me.

Indeed, a change of tactics would be required with this one. It had been many a century since I had allowed myself to court a woman for more than instant satisfaction. I could feel my arousal as she moved in my arms. The intense burning of desire couldn’t be denied. I wanted to feel her flesh move against me as we made love.

As the night moved into the early hours I had walked her to my home across the park in moonlight. It was there in the silver lit centre among the birch trees I had taken my first taste of her lips. Not for the first time that night I asked if she was sure she wanted to stay the night with me. She kissed me as she said she wanted me to make love to her until sunrise.

Back at my flat I told her to explore the place while I took a shower. I didn’t actually need the shower, but I needed a few minutes to bring my self-control into order. To make this work tonight would be the first of several nights of love and me taking enough gentle feeding so I caused her no harm while the potency of DNA took over her body. I couldn’t afford to get the balance of passion and my need wrong.

She was looking at my library of books when I came out the bathroom. She started when I kissed the back of her neck before I led her into my bedroom. The kissing changed from gentle invitations to hard and furious passion as I undressed her and lay her down on my bed. Hold her hands tight into the mattress my lips travelled over her body lingering at her neck and breasts to allow my tongue to invite her body to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intimacy.

My lips reached her pubic mound and I felt her thrust upward into my me. That was my signal to attack her bud with my tongue licking it relentlessly. I let her hands go so I could push her legs up and wider apart as my tongue barely left her clit as it lashed and flicked over it. I heard her groaning and felt her writhing. I heard her squeal as my fingers penetrated her flesh just as my teeth grazed hard against her, drawing a little blood for me to devour. My need to feed sated I could focus on the act of sex.

I kissed up her body to her lips and swallowed her cries as my cock penetrated deep into her, my hands lifting her hips hard against me. Her moans became desperate and impatient then yielding as she melted to her need for pleasure. Her inner muscles pulsated, massaging my cock into her and drawing me to join her in ecstasy as my seed, my DNA implanted deep inside her.

Nothing could stop it now. Soon my lover would be, just like me, a creature of the night and I would no longer be alone in my quest for blood.


© JG Farmer 2016

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