Beymorlin Sonnet

Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter

Structure: Octet and sestet

Rhyme Scheme: abbacddc efefgg

Example: Last Kiss by Jez Farmer

And before I die I recall the love
I’m lost in faded dreams of youthful thought
Like post-it notes that always came to nought
Could be loves that only poets write of
A kiss of good-bye when driving them home
I knew I’d never pass their way again
Then you; and my memories lost their pain
In bliss there is no place for time to roam
And so they hang upon the garage wall
Reminders of those times so long ago
I know our love shone high above them all
Defined by your tears that show grief and woe
Oh kiss me love for this very last time
I’ll miss you ‘til we meet in realms sublime

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