Hope with Honours

At the Deynov Space Academy, parents of the graduating students were gathering to watch the honours ceremony. Among them, sat in the front row, were the parents of Tsori Robak. In a few short minutes, their daughter would take her place on the podium to receive her graduation documents. At just 19 Tsori would be the youngest space cadet to graduate with full honours in Deynov’s history. The pride on their faces was unmistakable.

Only two years earlier Tsori had piloted her first flights in the old Lessi Swift Mk1 from the academic space station Astral Endeavour. The gushing messages to her parents as she shared those early experiences cemented the young girl’s dream of following both her mother and grandmother into a career in space exploration.

As Tsori stepped on to the podium in the purple uniform of a Deynov space pilot her mother looked on with a beaming smile and her father full of pride let a tear stroll down his cheek. His mind flipped back to when Tsori was a baby.

The doctors had said not to hope for her to live as her four-day-old body suffered seizure after seizure. If she does survive, they had said, she will be dependent on machines to keep her alive. With her mother away on missions Tsori had been raised by her father. He had taught her to walk and talk.

Tsori stepped into the audience to be with her parents, saluting her mother before hugging her father, the man who had never given up on hope.

©JG Farmer 2018

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