An Impossible Question

Prompt: What does unconditional love look like?

I have spent almost the entire 5 minutes thinking on how to even begin this and have come to the conclusion I have no idea what it looks like, I’m not even sure it looks like anything words can describe. Words can express it but not actually define it. You can’t draw it, it cannot be painted or carved into a sculpture that one can look at and say, ‘this is unconditional love’. Love does not look like anything, yet it looks like everything. Love is individual and no one person will see it or feel it in the same light. For me it isn’t even a feel, not really, as love for me is metaphysical and goes far beyond human feeling and understanding. I don’t even pretend to understand it, it just is. Yes, I can put romance into poetry, but is that love? When I write in the metaphysical I don’t even begin to get there, not even close. To give love strict definition is to restrict it, and that would make it conditional. This question, therefore, is unanswerable as to do so would make it conditional love.

©JG Farmer 2018

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