Joan Jett: I Hate Myself for Loving You Joan Jett I Hate Myself for Loving You


Power of Tides

While looking to the far horizon line I feel her coolness in my soul define The sweetness of love; in her hands my heart Is thus exposed to the power of tides And so, I watch another wave depart It carries my love to a distant shore Where she is waiting for the gentle kiss … Continue reading Power of Tides

Line by Line

The soft touch of her lover’s lips On her skin, his tongue slowly skips His hunger, her passion as one Defining love’s erotic fun Without words, with a metered beat Their verse inscribed in sexual feet A dance, a song, a poem found She drags her nails in the soft ground His mouth lingers in … Continue reading Line by Line

Severin’s Lament

Poet’s notes: Venus in Furs is an 1870 novella and part of Love, the first volume of the Legacy of Cain by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. The character Severin von Kusiemski asks to be the slave of a woman he is infatuated with, encouraging her to treat him progressively in more degrading ways. Texte: I am … Continue reading Severin’s Lament

Feeding the Dog

As one-night stands go it had been uneventful, the sex had been good but nothing special. The usual alcohol-fuelled exchange of kisses that end up at her place with the rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs of mutual gratification. The usual Friday night for Brendan Terry. He had dozed after and now at 6am, he … Continue reading Feeding the Dog

Another Chance

The endless dreams of all that might have been In impossible wantings my mind has seen In empty words a hope of acceptance As eyes turn to look a different way A heart lost to the night of circumstance While broken promises destroy the dream And breathing becomes the worst kind of pain But tortured … Continue reading Another Chance

Nami Gas

‘It’s a job;’ Lhoris kept telling herself. After three years of being out of work, she was willing to try anything. Now she was ready to start her first shift as an orderly on Vamir Motoris Ward, the acute psychiatric ward at a Rainbow Medical Centre. It had a well-known reputation for dealing with the … Continue reading Nami Gas

My Liberty

I see her beauty smile for me Her gentle kiss my liberty And in her hand, I find romance The touch of love that sweetens all My heart it yearns for just one chance To feel the strength of her desire That drags the boy from deep within To hold him close within her fire … Continue reading My Liberty

My Thief

I've left the familiar far behind As dreams of love and time slowly unwind Across the ocean once so wide and vast Its distance closed by our bridge of hearts And I have come to know your love at last You are the diamond that shines my light And the darkness that caresses my soul … Continue reading My Thief

Ticket to Ride

Prompt: Songs from childhood This is a tough one really. I am starting with the song that was topping the charts when I was born. A true child of the 60’s it was the Beatles. Given I see life as a ride to be ridden to the max it seems fitting Ticket to Ride is … Continue reading Ticket to Ride

Modus Vivendi

Before her life existed like a well-rehearsed symphony of things that didn’t concern me happenings that happen whatever the day whatever the weather whatever they happened as they must nobody cared if it rained or not now the rain is a disaster of cataclysmic dimensions and who cares she does like it changes anything but … Continue reading Modus Vivendi

A Work in Progress

Looking into his eyes all I saw was the temptation tormenting me with the impossibility his eyes beckoning me to let go to surrender beneath the beautiful skies at the edge of worlds the worlds of men and of women joined closer than lovers yet so far apart and he still held my heart as … Continue reading A Work in Progress


Two decades had passed since a mother and father had comforted each other at the bedside of their son. Only a few days earlier everything had been so different as two parents delighted in the wonder in their child’s eyes as he celebrated his fifth birthday. The uncontainable excitement as they had boarded the Earthship … Continue reading Renaissance

Quiet Times

Prompt: I feel happiest in my skin when… I know what I want to write but don’t really know what words I want to use. I am very open in my 5-minute mind- wanderings but this is one of those oh sheesh things – it’s a bit personal like. Then again it isn’t. To be … Continue reading Quiet Times

The Undesirables

Once again anger spewed on to the streets. Two more names added to the ever-growing list of deaths. Executed by hate without mercy, without justice. People like me had to stay hidden, living our lives in secret until we could escape the ghettos. I hurried on through the darkness to an unused dock and a … Continue reading The Undesirables

Taking Control

The truth of heart and truth of gods Whispers inside the soul Only heard when life is at odds Invisible that makes me whole Mere words cannot describe This thing the mind cannot control Echoes of truth I dare to hear To stand with pride and face the fear To walk away from calls of … Continue reading Taking Control

Ten Words

Prompt: Use 10 words to describe yourself Quietly stubborn, old-fashioned gent born in the wrong time. Well, ten words will make a lousy post so I will expand on that a bit but I will do it backwards because I can. Certainly, I feel I should have been born in the late 18th century so … Continue reading Ten Words

Ivorian Spring

Silence, can you hear it as seasons turn The news reflected in a sapling fern A joy revealed as golden trumpets’ call The winter has taken its final breath To dance in romance at the springtime ball A god and goddess play their tune again New life is born beneath their sacred feet They’ll bring … Continue reading Ivorian Spring

Tree of Destiny

It was late morning as I entered the Valley of Time. I was nearing the end of my quest and my tired aching limbs were beginning to pulse with that rush of excitement that something awesome was about to happen. On the breeze, I could smell burning, that sweet smell of burning wood. A campfire? … Continue reading Tree of Destiny

Alban Elfed

Welcome winds of autumn Take me home to harvest Blessed wings of bounty Cross-county flies carvist So, the sun is setting Searing skies brought afire Sire of gods and gentry In plenty praise inspire © JG Farmer 2018 Form: Rionnaird tri-nard

After Work Drinks

Now and then I go to a local bar about a mile from home. On those long days when nothing beets a cold beer on the way home. Usually I was served by the regular blonde barmaid, I would down my pint and head home – as you do. Tonight, was different, instead of the … Continue reading After Work Drinks