After Work Drinks

Now and then I go to a local bar about a mile from home. On those long days when nothing beets a cold beer on the way home. Usually I was served by the regular blonde barmaid, I would down my pint and head home – as you do. Tonight, was different, instead of the young blonde girl stood a bear of a middle-aged man.

Well, my heart nigh on stopped beating. It is a well-known fact I like men butch, and the hairier the better. When it came to my turn to be served I could hear my voice stammering over my request for a pint of lager. It was painstakingly obvious the guy hadn’t missed it either. He poured my drink and as he handed it to me said ‘Anything else I can do you for?’ with a wicked glint in his eye.

It was all I could do to carry my drink to a table in the beer garden. I prided myself on being very straight acting, really, I couldn’t give myself away like this. I lit a cigarette and sipped at my beer, while considering draining the pint and just leaving. Instead I sipped and kept looking through the window at the guy behind the bar – damn he was just so hot.

I pulled another ciggie from my pack and a gruff voice said ‘you shouldn’t smoke, it’s bad for your health hun’ then offered me a light. The guy behind the bar was on his break. He sat opposite me and dragged on his cigarette. ‘Not seen you here before, what brings you to this neck of the woods?’

‘Umm I’m on my way home and errr just fancied a pint.’

‘A quiet drink before facing the wife. Eh?’

I’m not married, just been one of those days.’

We chatted a bit more, ‘your pint’s empty, want another?’ he said as he went back inside. I must have nodded or something, I don’t know. ‘Ok will have it waiting for you.’

Oh, lord I had to compose myself and fast. I strode to the bar with all the confidence I could muster, which wasn’t a lot, and took my place at the bar. I watched him pulling pints and how his big muscular arms rippled when he pulled back on the pump. He placed a pint in front of me ‘there you go, sir.’

Again, I sat in the beer garden, this time enjoying the coolness of my pint. I went back for another, not sure whether I wanted the drink or to watch those muscles. The bar was quieter and as the guy handed me my drink ‘I’m knocking off in 10 minutes, fancy a curry?’


‘There’s a curry house 10 minutes walk from here, you want to join me?’


‘Go drink that pint quick then, I’ll meet you outside’

I sat in the beer garden, smoking another cigarette to calm my nerves. Trying not to think I stubbed it out and lit another.

‘It’s just a curry hun’

I nearly jumped out of my skin. By the time we had walked to the restaurant I knew I was talking to Craig and he knew me as Rich. As we exchanged the normal getting to know you chat we ate and in what seemed like minutes we were back outside. We walked until we reached the alley way I needed to take to get home.

‘How about a proper date, Rich?’


‘Friday, suit you?’

I tried to make out I was thinking about it, like I had other things to do, which I didn’t. ‘Yeah that’s good by me. Friday then.’

I turned into the alley. ‘Night Craig’

I had only gone a few steps when I felt him beside me. ‘Rich…’ and I felt those muscled arms wrap round me just like I wanted them to. As I felt the tickle of his moustache on my lips I knew I’d be there Friday. As we kissed my hands moved over his chest feeling the tension of his toned body.

Craig’s tongue darted into my mouth demanding my surrender I didn’t put up a fight. I wanted this hot bear too much. Craig broke the kiss and playful squeezed my butt ‘You want more, best give me your number, eh?’


©JG Farmer 2018

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