Ten Words

Prompt: Use 10 words to describe yourself

Quietly stubborn, old-fashioned gent born in the wrong time.

Well, ten words will make a lousy post so I will expand on that a bit but I will do it backwards because I can.

Certainly, I feel I should have been born in the late 18th century so I would have been around with the likes of Byron, Shelley and Keats who have long been my heroes of the poetic art. I really don’t feel I belong in the 21st century as I am too old-fashioned and too much of a gentleman for modern times. Quietly stubborn, well I am quiet by nature preferring the company of an enjoyable book, a cat, a dog or my fish to that of human beings and as for stubborn, well I take that to a whole new level.

©JG Farmer 2018

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