Ticket to Ride

Prompt: Songs from childhood

This is a tough one really. I am starting with the song that was topping the charts when I was born. A true child of the 60’s it was the Beatles. Given I see life as a ride to be ridden to the max it seems fitting Ticket to Ride is my birth number 1

I am a huge fan of the fab four too, so hardly surprising my next choice is the Beatles again. I remember guitar lessons ending with a rather loud and tuneless rendition of She Loves You

And it’s the Beatles again, no car journey was complete without a sing-a-long of Yellow Submarine, I have a feeling my brother and I probably made up the lyrics as we went along though.

Going back to music lessons, arts and creativity was always my thing, I can’t ignore my stage and TV debut, from Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat – well there had to be a bit of Lloyd Webber here and Donny, of course.

Talking of the Osmond I can’t leave out that song as I loved it, still do but it’s the grown-up and uber sexy Donny

And finally, I am closing this post with a bit of T Rex as it was a song I held close for reasons I had no clue of as a child, but totally get it now.


©JG Farmer 2018

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