Friends and Lovers

Five minutes

Prompt: Songs that remind you of ex-loves

Well, at 52 years of age it can be said I have a history. Some good times and some not so good, wish I could forget times. I am going to focus on the good as really who wants to look back on the big mistakes. It also makes for a very short list as I only got serious three times. It should have been four, but hindsight is the bitch that it is.

Thinking of Maggie, such a lovely lady. She gave me the love of all things Sapphic and started the journey to self-acceptance. More importantly she taught me the importance of honesty. It seems apt to choose this track as Maggie introduced me to Queen.

Now the beautiful diva Amber, no words she was and still is the goddess of all diva women. Much love Madame. It can only be Frankie

I am skipping to Gabbie who was with me for 10 years until she died of cancer in 2001, too young, far too young. Gabbie let me be me, in all that strangeness that I was. I don’t know what she would make of how things have turned out, and that is probably for the best.

Now back to Sammie, if only we had known just how much the world would change not to mention how much we would both change. Odd this was our song back then given how things panned out. Like me Sammie was FtM and became Sam. For my girl, my best friend and my brother = always x


In loving memory of Maggie, Gabbie and Sam xxxx RIP


©JG Farmer 2018

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