Feeding the Dog

As one-night stands go it had been uneventful, the sex had been good but nothing special. The usual alcohol-fuelled exchange of kisses that end up at her place with the rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs of mutual gratification. The usual Friday night for Brendan Terry.

He had dozed after and now at 6am, he was awake in a stranger’s house with a mouth as dry as the bottom of a birdcage. So as usual on a Saturday morning, he was rummaging around some bint’s kitchen looking for a cold drink. Orange juice out the fridge was never cold enough so he opened the freezer. That’s when things stopped being usual for Brendon.

Suddenly the good-time, no-strings-attached idiot faced with the scene he had only read in horror fiction. Brendan stumbled backwards yelling ‘What the fuck……?’. After that, he couldn’t remember much as his head collided with a kitchen cupboard.

Sometime later Brendan came around with his head pounding. His shoulders felt tense as if being pulled back and moving was difficult. Slowly it occurred to his foggy mind that he was restrained, he could feel the rope biting into his wrists and ankles.

‘Well, good morning sweetheart’ a voice in front of him said. He peered through his blurred vision to the bint from last night. ‘Thought you would fuck and run did ya, Brendan?’

Brendan stared back at her as events began to clear in his head ‘You have a fucking dead dog in your freezer’

‘You met Lucie I take it?’ she stepped closer to Brendan, allowing him to see the glimmer of the steel blade in her hand.

‘What the fuck…? Are you fucking crazy?’

‘You are all the same, easy sex is all the way, well now it’s time to pay’ Brandan felt the blade slice into his leg. ‘You don’t even remember the names of the women you screw?’

Brendan dragged his memories of last night. She was dragging the blade over his foot towards his toes. ‘Lucie gets hungry, maybe a toe will do for now, and help you think, Brendan with an A not an O.’

Brendan yelled in pain as she cut one of his toes clean off. ‘The dog is dead, it can’t eat, you fucking psycho’

‘All you have to do it remember my name, I will be back later ‘and with that, she was gone.

Brandan’s senses were alert as he tried to work a way out. This bint was clearly insane, but he needed to remember her name. He went through the night before from the clarity of finishing work and through an evening that ended in a drunken mist and sex. He couldn’t even remember chatting this crazy woman up. Obviously, at some point, they had met and ended up in bed together. Now he wished he hadn’t been so drunk.

All too soon she and her blade were back. ‘Hey darling, remember who I am yet babe?’ She rested the blade on one of Brenden’s fingers. ‘I hope so baby, I don’t like hurting you and you were soooo good with your fingers last night’

She was taunting him, Brendan knew it. He remembered one name from last night, but it was a boy’s name. He was desperate, ‘Mattie, baby, your name is Mattie’

For a psycho crazy bint, Mattie was quite beautiful when she smiled.


©JG Farmer 2018

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